Main Focus

  • Neural networks for higher cognitive functions 
  • Adaptive plasticity and compensation in neural networks for cognition 
  • Plasticity and reorganization in the language network after stroke

Funding: DFG

2022 – 2025 The impact of domain-general networks on natural language processing. PIs: Gesa Hartwigsen & Jonas Obleser
2021 – 2022
An Automated System for Localizing the Effects of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. PIs: Jens Haueisen, Gesa Hartwigsen & Thomas Knösche
2017 – 2021
Functional Segregation in the Default Mode Network. PIs: Danilo Bzdok & Gesa Hartwigsen
2017 – 2021
Modulating neural network dynamics of speech comprehension. PIs: Gesa Hartwigsen & Jonas Obleser
2011 – 2014
Neuromodulation of phonological word processing with multifocal parieto-frontal transcranial magnetic stimulation. PI: Gesa Hartwigsen
2023 – 2026
DFG Research Unit: Modulation of brain networks for memory and learning by transcranial electrical stimulation. Role: PI, Speaker: Agnes Flöel

Funding: Other sources

2023 – 2027 The Flexible Brain. (Re-)Spring Adaptation in Semantic Cognition. ERC Consolidator Grant
NVIDIA GPU grant (Titan Xp Donation), NVIDIA Developer. PI: Gesa Hartwigsen

Curriculum Vitae

Academic Education

2001 - 2006
Studies of Psychology, (Dipl.-Psych.), Kiel University
2007 - 2010
PhD student (Dr. phil.), Department of Neurology, Kiel University
Habilitation (venia legendi: Psychology), University of Potsdam


2010 – 2011
Department of Neurology, University of Leipzig, Language and Aphasia Laboratory
2010 – 2013
Guest Scientist
Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig (Department of Neurology)
2011 – 2013
Principle Investigator (DFG grant)
Department of Neurology, University of Leipzig
2013 – 2015
Junior Professor for Biological Psychology 
Kiel University
2013 – 2017
Guest Scientist
Department of Neurology, University of Leipzig
2015 – 2018
Research Group Leader "Modulation of Language Networks"
Department of Neuropsychology, MPI CBS
Since 2019
Lise Meitner Research Group Leader "Cognition and Plasticity"
Since 2022
Professor for Cognitive and Biological Psychology, Leipzig University

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