Measurement and analysis of structural and functional brain data


Harald Möller , Pierre-Louis Bazin , Karsten Mueller , Sofie Valk , Alfred Anwander , Jan Schreiber , Christopher J. Steele , Jane Neumann , Manousos Klados , Jan Mehnert

Start: 22.04.2015

22.04. Classical description of magnetic resonance H. Möller
29.04. Spatial encoding by magnetic field gradients & magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) H. Möller
06.05. Where are we now? Structural MRI for anatomical analysis & cortical mapping P.-L. Bazin
13.05. Spatial processing of structural MRI data K. Müller
20.05. Rapid imaging & functional MRI of the brain H. Möller
27.05. Diffusion imaging of the brain H. Möller

Structural MRI analysis: volumetry, voxel-based morphometry, cortical thickness measurements and structural covariance network mapping in healthy and clinical populations

S. Valk
10.06. Let’s diffuse and explore the white matter microstructure A. Anwander
17.06. Tractography and the art of diffusion MRI J. Schreiber
24.06. From art to science: Diffusion MRI in group studies C. Steele
01.07. CHANGED: EEG Neurofeedback M. Klados
08.07. CHANGED: Introduction to functional MRI J. Neumann
15.07. Mobile Multimodal Brain Scans: Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS) and EEG J. Mehnert

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