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Dr Tobias Sommer | The assimilation of novel information into schemata and its efficient consolidation

Guest Lecture

Dr Nicole Seiberlich | Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting: Challenges and Opportunities

Guest Lecture
Magnetic Resonance Fingerprinting (MRF) was introduced in 2013 as an approach for mapping multiple tissue properties simultaneously using MRI. This presentation will provide an overview of the MRF technique, with an emphasis on practical aspects of implementation, and describe how tissue property maps derived from MRF may be leveraged to provide additional information about structure and function in the brain and beyond. [more]

Greta Tuckute | Many but not all deep neural network audio models capture brain responses and exhibit hierarchical region correspondence

Guest Lecture

Dr. Bevil Conway | Principles of Neuroscience in color

Guest Lecture
Principles of neuroscience, notably as they relate to vision, invoke concepts of building blocks, opponency, representation, and agency (active vision). He will argue that these ideas have been productively developed using color as a model system, with roots in the earliest western theories of psychology dating to the ancient Greeks. In his talk, he will describe data from neurophysiology, functional brain imaging (fMRI and MEG), and psychophysics that aim to test the principles of neuroscience and to place them in a holistic framework of our broad goal to understand brain and behavior [more]

Prof. Hadas Okon-Singer | Cognitive biases-based support systems for diagnosis and individually-tailored treatment of psychopathology

Cognitive Neurology Lecture

Eric Schulz | Towards a computational understanding of how children learn

Origins of Intelligence Lecture
Please join using this link: https://zoom.us/j/8868284415?pwd=ZkkweVNqaUxGMVNCcCtLQnNCeEVWUT09 [more]

Prof. Timothy Behrens | A re-programmable finite state machine in the mouse medial prefrontal cortex

Mind Meeting

Professor Daniela Schiller | Navigating social space

Mind Meeting

PhD Laurent Caplette | Characterizing mental representations using deep image synthesis and behavior

Guest Lecture
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