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Dr Marlene Bönstrup | Low-frequency brain oscillations as a target for an on-demand brain stimulation in human motor rehabilitation

Cognitive Neurology Lecture

| Software Solutions for Modeling and Analyzing Brain Dynamics at Different Scales


PhD Katherine Storrs | Learning About the World By Learning About Images

Guest Lecture
Computational visual neuroscience has come a long way in the past 10 years. For the first time, we have fully explicit, image-computable models that can recognise objects with near-human accuracy, and predict brain activity in high-level visual regions. I will present evidence that diverse deep neural network architectures all predict brain representations well, and that task-training and subsequent reweighting of model features is critical to this high performance. However, vision is not yet explained. The most successful models are deep neural networks that have been supervised using ground-truth labels for millions of images. Brains have no such access to the ground truth, and must instead learn directly from sensory data. Unsupervised deep learning, in which networks learn statistical regularities in their data by compressing, extrapolating or predicting images and videos, is an ecologically feasible alternative. I will show that an unsupervised deep network trained on an environment of 3D rendered surfaces with varying shape, material and illumination, spontaneously comes to encode those factors in its internal representations. Most strikingly, the network makes patterns of errors in its perception of material which follow, on an image-by-image basis, the patterns of errors made by human observers. Unsupervised deep learning may provide a coherent framework for how our perceptual dimensions arise. [more]

| Max Planck Sustainability Network "Climate Change of Mind"

  • Start: May 26, 2020 13:30
  • End: May 27, 2020 19:30
  • Host: CBS GreenTeam
The aims of the meeting are: - Networking of all MPIs on sustainability - Exchange on and mutual support for various projects (setting up and organizing a sustainability group, exchanging ideas on measures, implementing measures, events on sustainability) - Election of the steering committee of the sustainability network - Climate Change of Mind: How can science drive the change towards more sustainable behaviour? How to communicate effectively and convincingly about climate change and sustainability? - Establishing a climate-friendly way of organizing scientific conferences virtually and interactively * For whom? All affiliates of the Max Planck Society with an interest in sustainability are invited. We would also be pleased if at least one representative from the existing sustainability groups would attend the meeting to share expertise and current projects. When registering, please also indicate whether you would be willing to give a one-hour workshop on a topic you (and your sustainability group) have already dealt with in order to share knowledge and experience. * When and where? On 26.5.20 from 1.30 pm to about 7:30 pm and on 27.5.20 from 1:30 pm to about 7:30 pm. Access to the virtual conference rooms and other platforms will be announced in a separate mail as soon as possible. * Costs The participation in the virtual meeting is of course free of charge. * Registration Please register by April 30th 2020 under the following link: https://survey3.gwdg.de/index.php?r=survey/index&sid=579528&lang=de * Election of the steering committee Interested parties can stand for election until May 26, 5 pm. The presentation of the candidates takes place at about 7 p,. All representatives of the local sustainability groups are entitled to vote. If you are a representative of your local sustainability group, please be sure to take part in the online election (from 26 May, 7:30 pm to 27 May, 12 noon). * Music We would like to weave in some small music contributions after certain items on the agenda so that also some personal notes mix into the virtual conference . If you would like to add a contribution of about 3 minutes please send as an e-mail beforehand. *Please note: All times and dates refer to Central European Summer Time. * Questions? If you have further questions, please contact us, the Green Team of the MPI CBS and the local organization team, at: green-team@cbs.mpg.de [more]

Professor Jon Simons | Insights from continuous retrieval measures into the precision of episodic memory

Mind Meeting

IMPRS NeuroCom Lecture Series "Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging"

IMPRS Lecture Series
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