Measurement and analysis of structural and functional imaging data


Jane Neumann, Robert Trampel , Pierre-Louis Bazin , Alexander Schäfer , Chris Gorgolewski , Alfred Anwander , Jan Schreiber , Chris Steele , Burkhard Maess , Thomas Knösche , Claudine Gauthier, Jan Mehnert

Wednesdays, 1.15pm – 2.45pm, Wilhelm Wundt Room

09.4.2014 Short introduction to lecture series, Introduction to MR physics J. Neumann R. Trampel

16.4.2014 Where are we now? Structural MRI for anatomical analysis & cortical mapping P.-L. Bazin

23.4.2014 Introduction to functional MRI J. Neumann

30.4.2014 NO LECTURE

07.5.2014 Resting-state fMRI and graph-based methods for analyzing functional connectivity A. Schäfer

14.5.2014 If you like it you should've put a p-value on it: statistical inference in neuroimaging C. Gorgolewski

21.5.2014 Let’s diffuse and explore the white matter microstructure A. Anwander

28.5.2014 Tractography and the art of diffusion MRI J. Schreiber

04.6.2014 From Art to Science: Diffusion MRI Group Studies C. Steele

11.6.2014 NO LECTURE 18.6.2014 MEG/EEG data analysis I (signal processing, decomposition, time-frequency analysis) B. Maess

25.6.2014 MEG/EEG data analysis II (forward & inverse modeling, dynamic causal modeling) T. Knösche

02.7.2014 NO LECTURE

09.7.2014 Beyond BOLD: quantifying brain function through blood flow and metabolism C. Gauthier

16.7.2014 Hybrid Brain-Computer Interfaces J. Mehnert

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