Analyzing anatomical and functional brain connectivity

Jane Neumann , Andreas Schäfer , Daniel Margulies , Gaby Lohmann , Karsten Mueller , Alfred Anwander , Thomas Knösche , Maren Grigutsch

Wednesdays 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
MPI for Human Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Stephanstr. 1a, Leipzig
Wilhelm Wundt Room

Start: 11.04.2012

11.4. General introduction and introduction to MR physics JN, AS

18.4. Introduction to fMRI J. Neumann

25.4. CHANGE OF TIME AND PLACE 14:00, Seminar Room Library Resting-state functional connectivity D. Margulies

2.5. Graph-based methods for analyzing functional connectivity G. Lohmann

9.5. Psychophysiological Interaction (PPI) for analyzing task-based connectivity K. Müller

16.5. POSTPONED NEW DATE AND PLACE WILL BE ANNOUNCED IN ADVANCE Analyzing functional connectivity by fMRI meta-analyses J. Neumann

23.5. Introdcution to diffusion MRI analysis - Diffusion MRI I A. Anwander

30.5. Tract-Based Spatial Statistics (TBSS) - Diffusion MRI II K. Müller 6.6. Analyzing anatomical connectivity from diffusion MRI data - Diffusion MRI III A. Anwander

13.6. - no lecture - 20.6. Introduction to EEG/MEG and source reconstruction + Generative models for estimating effective connectivity T. Knösche

27.6. Connectivity-based brain parcellation T. Knösche 4.7. EEG/MEG functional connectivity analysis M. Grigutsch

11.7. EEG/MEG resting state analysis M. Grigutsch

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