Independent Research Groups

Independent Research Groups



<span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"><span class="alt-edited" title="">The group will start <span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"><span class="alt-edited" title=""><span class="tlid-translation translation" lang="en"><span class="alt-edited" title="">at the Institute </span></span></span></span>on November 1, 2019.</span></span>

Vision and Computational Cognition

The group will start at the Institute on November 1, 2019. [more]

Max Planck Research Group Adaptive Memory

Humans possess the remarkable capacity to vividly remember a plethora of experiences from their lives. They can voluntarily reminisce about cherished moments but also be haunted by intrusive memories of unpleasant experiences. [more]

Lise Meitner Research Group "Cognition and Plasticity"

In the human brain, cognitive functions are organized in large-scale neural networks that strongly interact. Flexible interaction within and between different neural networks is enabled by neural plasticity, which is the key process that shapes brain function throughout life and allows for lifelong learning and adaptation. [more]

Milestones of Early Cognitive Development

The group will start at the Institute on September 1, 2019.

Max Planck Research Group Pain Perception

In its acute form, pain is a beneficial signal that is warning us about impending or actual tissue damage. In its chronic form however, pain is a source of immense suffering for millions of people. [more]

Research Group Social Stress and Family Health

Psychosocial stress is a major public health burden in modern societies. While ancient stressors such as threat to physical integrity and physical hardship are less prevalent than ever, it is the human tendency to mount a stress response for psychosocial reasons that has led to chronic stress exposure in our society. [more]

Max Planck Research Group Language Cycles

Language comprehension is mostly effortless. But difficulty may arise when speakers speak too fast or too slowly, talk a blue streak – or serve too much information in too little time. While we may be flexible, our comprehension abilities are still limited. [more]
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