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  1. 2016
    Journal Article
    Gentsch, A.; Weber, A.; Synofzik, M.; Vosgerau, G.; Schütz-Bosbach, S.: Towards a common framework of grounded action cognition: Relating motor control, perception and cognition. Cognition 146, pp. 81 - 89 (2016)
  2. Journal Article
    Gorgolewski, K. J.; Varoquaux, G.; Rivera, G.; Schwartz, Y.; Sochat, V. V.; Ghosh, S. S.; Maumet, C.; Nichols, T. E.; Poline, J.-B.; Yarkoni, T. et al.; Margulies, D. S.; Poldrack, R. A.: A repository for sharing unthresholded statistical maps, parcellations, and atlases of the human brain. NeuroImage 124 (Part B), pp. 1242 - 1244 (2016)
  3. Journal Article
    Hartwigsen, G.: Adaptive plasticity in the healthy language network: Implications for language recovery after stroke. Neural Plasticity 2016 (2016)
  4. Journal Article
    Hebart, M. N.; Schriever, Y.; Donner, T. H.; Haynes, J.-D.: The relationship between perceptual decision variables and confidence in the human brain. Cerebral Cortex 26 (1), pp. 118 - 130 (2016)
  5. Journal Article
    Herrmann, B.; Henry, M.; Haegens, S.; Obleser, J.: Temporal expectations and neural amplitude fluctuations in auditory cortex interactively influence perception. NeuroImage 124 (Part A), pp. 487 - 497 (2016)
  6. Journal Article
    Horn, U.; Grothe, M.; Lotze, M.: MRI biomarkers for hand-motor outcome prediction and therapy monitoring following stroke. Neural Plasticity 2016, 9265621 (2016)
  7. Journal Article
    Karsten, W.; Scheibe, P.; Köhler, B.; Allgeier, S.; Guthoff, R. F.; Stachs, O.: Local variability of parameters for characterization of the corneal subbasal nerve plexus. Current Eye Research 41 (2), pp. 186 - 198 (2016)
  8. Journal Article
    Kazan, S. M.; Mohammadi, S.; Callaghan, M. F.; Flandin, G.; Huber, L.; Leech, R.; Kennerly, A.; Windischberger, C.; Weiskopf, N.: Vascular autorescaling of fMRI (VasA fMRI) improves sensitivity of population studies: A pilot study. NeuroImage 124 (A), pp. 794 - 805 (2016)
  9. Journal Article
    Koehne, S.; Behrends, A.; Fairhurst, M. T.; Dziobek, I.: Fostering social cognition through an imitation- and synchronization-based dance/movement intervention in adults with autism spectrum disorder: A controlled proof-of-concept study. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics 85 (1), pp. 27 - 35 (2016)
  10. Journal Article
    Krause, T.; Asseyer, S.; Geisler, F.; Fiebach, J.; Oeltjenbruns, J.; Kopf, A.; Villringer, K.; Villringer, A.; Jungehulsing, G.: Chronic sensory stroke with and without central pain is associated with bilaterally distributed sensory abnormalities as detected by quantitative sensory testing. Pain 157 (1), pp. 194 - 202 (2016)
  11. Journal Article
    Krause, T.; Asseyer, S.; Taskin, B.; Flöel, A.; Witte, V.; Mueller, K.; Fiebach, J. B.; Villringer, K.; Villringer, A.; Jungehulsing, G. J.: The cortical signature of central poststroke pain: Gray matter decreases in somatosensory, insular, and prefrontal cortices. Cerebral Cortex 26 (1), pp. 80 - 88 (2016)
  12. Journal Article
    Liepelt, R.; Klempova, B.; Dolk, T.; Colzato, L. S.; Ragert, P.; Nitsche, M. A.; Hommel, B.: The medial frontal cortex mediates self-other discrimination in the joint Simon task: A tDCS study. Journal of Psychophysiology 30, pp. 87 - 101 (2016)
  13. Journal Article
    Lindow, J.; Domin, M.; Grothe, M.; Horn, U.; Eickhoff, S.; Lotze, M.: Prognostische Wertigkeit konnektivitätsbasierter Parameter für das motorische Outcome der Handfunktion bei subakuten Schlaganfallpatienten. Klinische Neurophysiologie 47 (02), pp. 103 - 105 (2016)
  14. Journal Article
    Morris, L. S.; Kundu, P.; Dowell, N.; Mechelmans, D. J.; Favre, P.; Irvine, M. A.; Robbins, T. W.; Daw, N.; Bullmore, E. T.; Harrison, N. A. et al.; Voon, V.: Fronto-striatal organization: Defining functional and microstructural substrates of behavioural flexibility. Cortex 74, pp. 118 - 133 (2016)
  15. Journal Article
    Pankow, A.; Katthagen, T.; Diner, S.; Deserno, L.; Boehme, R.; Kathmann, N.; Gleich, T.; Gaebler, M.; Walter, H.; Heinz, A. et al.; Schlagenhauf, F.: Aberrant salience is related to dysfunctional self-referential processing in psychosis. Schizophrenia Bulletin 42 (1), pp. 67 - 76 (2016)
  16. Journal Article
    Penney, T. B.; Cheng, X.; Leow, Y. L.; Bay, A. W. Y.; Wu, E.; Herbst, S.; Yen, S. C.: Saccades and subjective time in seconds range duration reproduction. Timing & Time Perception 4 (2), pp. 187 - 206 (2016)
  17. Journal Article
    Prinz, W.: Explaining consciousness: From correlations to foundations. Behavioral and Brain Sciences 39, e139 (2016)
  18. Journal Article
    Sacher, J.; Barth, C.; Villringer, A.: Wie beeinflussen Sexualhormone Gehirn und Verhalten? Max-Planck-Gesellschaft Jahrbuch 2016 (2016)
  19. Journal Article
    Seghier, M. L.; Patel, E.; Prejawa, S.; Ramsden, S.; Selmer, A.; Lim, L.; Browne, R.; Rae, J.; Haigh, Z.; Ezekiel, D. et al.; Hope, T. M. H.; Leff, A. P.; Price, C. J.: The PLORAS database: A data repository for predicting language outcome and recovery after stroke. NeuroImage 124 (Part B), pp. 1208 - 1212 (2016)
  20. Journal Article
    Steinbeis, N.; Haushofer, J.; Fehr, E.; Singer, T.: Development of behavioural control and associated vmPFC-DLPFC connectivity explains children’s increased resistance to temptation in intertemporal choice. Cerebral Cortex 26 (1), pp. 32 - 42 (2016)
  21. Journal Article
    Tardif, C.; Schäfer, A.; Trampel, R.; Villringer, A.; Turner, R.; Bazin, P.-L.: Open Science CBS Neuroimaging Repository: Sharing ultra-high-field MR images of the brain. NeuroImage 124 (Part B), pp. 1143 - 1148 (2016)
  22. Journal Article
    Todd, N.; Moeller, S.; Auerbach, E. J.; Yacoub, E.; Flandin, G.; Weiskopf, N.: Evaluation of 2D multiband EPI imaging for high-resolution, whole-brain, task-based fMRI studies at 3T: Sensitivity and slice leakage artifacts. NeuroImage 124 (A), pp. 32 - 42 (2016)
  23. Journal Article
    Walter, S.; Keitel, C.; Müller, M. M.: Sustained splits of attention within versus across visual hemifields produce distinct spatial gain profiles. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 28 (1), pp. 111 - 124 (2016)
  24. Journal Article
    Witte, V.; Köbe, T.; Kerti, L.; Rujescu, D.; Flöel, A.: Impact of KIBRA polymorphism on memory function and the hippocampus in older adults. Neuropsychopharmacology 41, pp. 781 - 790 (2016)

Book (2)

  1. 2016
    Chiao, J. Y.; Li, S.-C.; Seligman, R.; Turner, R. (Eds.): The Oxford handbook of cultural neuroscience. Oxford University Press, Oxford, United Kingdom (2016), 393 pp.
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