Collaboration with the group of Prof. Dr. J. Haueisen on the development and analysis of neural mass and neural field model, on functional and effective connectivity in EEG and MEG signal and source spaces, and on EEG/MEG source localization and forward modelling using FEM. [more]
Collaboration with Dr. C. Wolters and colleagues on the neuroelectromegnetic forward problem, supported by a DFG grant. [more]
Collaboration with Dr. M. Tittgemeyer and Prof. Dr. D. Y. von Cramon on different topics, including validation of anatomical network reconstructions and dynamic neuronal models, as well as connectivity based cortex parcellation, in the framework of an interinstitutional research initiative of the Max Planck Society. [more]
Collaboration with Prof. Dr. Gerik Scheuermann and Dr. Alexander Wiebel on the area of multimodal visualization of neuroimaging data, supported by an AiF grant. [more]
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