Neural Field Models


  • Extending the neural mass models by adding a spatial dimension.
  • Biologically realistic modelling of intracortical and white matter connectivity patterns.
  • Introducing temporal delays into the model.
  • Application of neural field model of the visual cortex to the explanation perception and learning phenomena.
  • Using a whole brain neural field model to explore the relationship between neural activity and resting state fMRI

People involved

  • Thomas Knösche (responsible)
  • Manh Nguyen Trong


  • MPI for Mathematics in Natural Sciences (Fatihkan Atay)
  • University of Birmingham (Ingo Bojak)


  • Nguyen Trong, M.; Bojak, I.; Knösche, T. R.: Modelling Spontaneous State Switching in Visual Cortex Using a Realistic Mean-Field Model. Poster at Annual Computational Neuroscience Meeting CNS 2011
  • Nguyen Trong, M.; Spiegler, A.; Knösche, T.R.: Neural Field Model of Rat's Cortex Based on Realistic Connectivity from diffusion weighted MRI and Neural Morphology, Poster at Computational Neuroscience, CNS 2010
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