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19.10.2022 Scientific American How to Stop Unwanted Thoughts


21.10.2021 Deutsche Welle Mindfulness reduces stress — measurably


8.11.2019 BBC Science Focus ‘Uncertainty and surprise’ the scientific secret to good pop music

8.11.2019 The Times The Beatles’ element of surprise strikes a chord, Max Planck Institute finds

8.11.2019 The Japan Times In search of the next chord: Scientists reveal a secret to great songwriting

7.11.2019 CNN Scientists discover pop music's secrets to making you feel good

7.11.2019 Newsweek What Makes a Pop Song Catchy? Scientists Have a New Answer

7.11.2019 Daily Mail Secret to a hit pop song revealed: Scientists claim the world's catchiest tunes contain the perfect balance of uncertainty and surprise

23.1.2019 New York Times Even modest blood pressure elevation in young adults may take a toll on the brain

14.1.2019 Quanta Magazine The Brain Maps Out Ideas And Memories Like Spaces


11.08.2018 The Times Gluttony really could turn you into a fathead

30.07.2018 Scientia The Neurobiology of the Human Language System

26.04.2018 Brain Science Podcast Language in the Brain with Angela Friederici

05.02.2018 The Economist Comparing the brain activity of jazz and classical pianists

05.02.2018 Medical Research Deaf Children With Cochlear Implants Learn New Words Faster

18.01.2018 Scientific American Brasil Cérebros dos pianistas de jazz e de música clássica funcionam de forma diferente

17.01.2018 CBS New York Brains Work Differently To Play Classical, Jazz Music

16.01.2018 Science Daily Miles Davis is not Mozart: The brains of jazz and classical pianists work differently


18.12.2017 The Times Children are sadists by the age of six

14.11.2017 Exame (Brazil) Com novas técnicas, alemães conhecem melhor o cérebro
21.10.2017 Newsweek We Are Born With a Fear of Spiders and Snakes Because They Killed Our Fearless Ancestors

19.10.2017 Science Daily Itsy bitsy spider: Fear of spiders and snakes is deeply embedded in us

04.10.2017 New Scientist Different meditation types train distinct parts of your brain


04.08.2016 LE MONDE IDEES Charité mal ordonnée

16.05.2016 New Scientist How sharing other people’s feelings can make you sick

16.03.2016 Financial Times Magazine; BBC News; The Observer / The Guardian; The Telegraph; El Mundo; Die Welt; Der Tages Anzeiger Wiring the human brain. Wellcome Image Awards

14.02.2016 Le Point Comment la compassin transform notre cerveau. Comportments


25.12.2015 The New York Times Why Physicians need "right compassion"

23.12.2015 Psychology Today Your brain can learn to empathize with outside groups

18.11.2015 The Brain in Public Broadcasting Service The Brain with David Eagleman - Who will we Be?

26.10.2015 The Boston Globe How to contain contagious stress

06.04.2015 Financial Times Heads of business need neuroscience

12.03.2015 La Vie Côté sciences "Un outil puissant pour développer une société équitable

11.02.2015 Gulf Times Let us build a caring economy

23.01.2015 The World Economic Forum Blog How to build a caring Economy


26.08.2014 The Boston Review Against Empathy

05.05.2014 The Huffington Post Yes, your stress really is rubbing off in everyone around you

01.05.2014 Time Science says stress is contagious


15.10.2013 The Neuro­psychotherapist The seat of empathic bias: Right supramarginal gyrus plays an important role in empathy

30.09.2013 News Focus in Science Magazine Concentrating on kindness

05.09.2013 Exhibition in ARS ELECTRONICA 2013 Interactive Models of the Brain

23.10.2013 The New York Times How Music Can Boost Our Workouts

21.10.2013 Mail online Whistle while you work? It works! Study shows music makes manual workers put in more effort

16.10.2013 Science World Report Move to the Beat: Music Helps Exercise Feel Less Strenuous

16.10.2013 Music Makes Working Out Hurt Less

16.10.2013 Pacific Standard Musical Feedback Makes Workouts Feel Easier

15.10.2013 National Geographic Why Does Musik Help Us Exercise

22.08.2013 The greater good When empathy hurts, compassion can heal

24.06.2013 Cognitive Neuroscience Society Feeling Other's Pain: Transforming Empathy into Compassion

16.01.2013 New Scientist Why musical genius comes easier to early starters


12.07.2012 WIRED UK Compassion over empathy could help prevent emotional burnout

03.01.2012 New Scientist Learn language faster with gestures


26.12.2011 New York Times Have We Met? Tracing Face Blindness to Its Roots

29.09.2011 Scientific American Speech Disorders May Be Helped Using Rhythm and Familiar Words

23.05.2011 Sciencemag Brains on Jazz Feel the Music: Do you have the amygdala of a jazz musician?


11.04.2009 sciencenews Feelings, universal musical feelings

09.04.2009 Science as a means of cross-cultural communication.

08.04.2009 scienceblogs Even isolated cultures understand emotions conveyed by Western music.

31.03.2009 forskning online Et språk alle forstår

20.03.2009 Balter's Blog Music makes the world go 'round.

19.03.2009 ScienceNews Feelings, universal musical feelings


21.09.2007 Spiegel Online Error Detection in the Gray Matter: Have Scientists Discovered Intuition?

23.02.2007 Guardian Weekly Brain laid bare

09.02.2007 The Times online Ethical minefield of new brain-reading machine

09.02.2007 Telegraph online Scientists becoming mind-readers

09.02.2007 The Guardian The brain scan that can read people's intentions

08.02.2007 The Herald online Careful what you think - we might all find out

08.02.2007 news @ online I know what you're thinking... A brainscan can tell whether you're about to add or subtract two numbers


19.04.2005 Medical News Today The Neurosciences and Music in Leipzig: Registration boom and over 140 posters


23.02.2004 Science News Song sung blue - In brain, music and language overlap


29.04.2001 BBC World Service Science in Action

27.04.2001 Le Monde L'aire analyse de la musique localisée dans le cerveau

27.04.2001 Science Magazine Neuroscience: How the brain understands music

23.04.2001 Reuters Health Brain area linked to perception of music

23.04.2001 New Scientist Online News On song

23.04.2001 Nature News Service Brain: Chords strike a grammatical note

01.04.2001 Chicago Tribune Study tunes into where the brain makes music

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