Curriculum Vitae


Since 2019        PhD Student in the Research Group Language Cycles & Department for Neuropsychology of the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig

2017 - 2019    M.Sc. Cognitive Neuroscience, Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behavior, Nijmegen (NL)

2013-2017      B.Sc. Psychology, Radboud University, Nijmegen (NL)

Research Experience:

2018-2019    Masters Internship at the MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen, in the Language Development Department

2015-2019    Student Assistant at the MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen; Departments: Language & Cognition, Neurobiology of Language, Communication in Social Interaction

2016-2017    Internship at the Baby & Child Research Center, Nijmegen

2015-2016    Bachelors Internship at the Donders Institute, Nijmegen

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