Publications of Sabrina Turker

Journal Article (4)

Journal Article
Turker, S.; Hartwigsen, G.: The use of noninvasive brain stimulation techniques to improve reading difficulties in dyslexia: A systematic review. Human Brain Mapping (2021)
Journal Article
Turker, S.; Hartwigsen, G.: Exploring the neurobiology of reading through non-invasive brain stimulation: A review. Cortex 141, pp. 497 - 521 (2021)
Journal Article
Turker, S.; Reiterer, S. M.: Brain, musicality, and language aptitude: A complex interplay. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics 41, pp. 95 - 107 (2021)
Journal Article
Meyer, L.; Elsner, A.; Turker, S.; Kuhnke, P.; Hartwigsen, G.: Perturbation of left posterior prefrontal cortex modulates top-down processing in sentence comprehension. NeuroImage 181, pp. 598 - 604 (2018)
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