Publications of Robert Koch

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Wohlschläger, A.; Koch, R.: Synchronization error: An error in time perception. In: Rhythm perception and production, pp. 115 - 127 (Eds. Desain, P.; Windsor, L.). Swets, Lisse (2000)
Book Chapter
Müller, K.; Aschersleben, G.; Koch, R.; Freund, H.-J.; Prinz, W.: Action timing in an isochronous tapping task: Evidence from behavioral studies and neuroimaging. In: Cognitive contributions to the perception of spatial and temporal events (Advances in Psychology, Vol. 129), pp. pp.233 - 250 (Eds. Aschersleben, G.; Bachmann, T.; Müsseler, J.). Elsevier Science, Amsterdam (1999)
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