Publications of Chun Siong Soon

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Journal Article
Soon, C. S.; Hanxi He, A.; Bode, S.; Haynes, J.-D.: Predicting free choices for abstract intentions. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 110 (15), pp. 6217 - 6222 (2013)
Journal Article
Bode, S.; Bogler, C.; Soon, C. S.; Haynes, J.-D.: The neural encoding of guesses in the human brain. NeuroImage 59 (2), pp. 1924 - 1931 (2012)
Journal Article
Bode, S.; He, A. H.; Soon, C. S.; Trampel, R.; Turner, R.; Haynes, J.-D.: Tracking the unconscious generation of free decisions using uItra-high field fMRI. PLoS One 6, e21612 (2011)
Journal Article
Chen, Y.; Namburi, P.; Elliott, L. T.; Heinzle, J.; Soon, C. S.; Chee, M. W. L.; Haynes, J.-D.: Cortical surface-based searchlight decoding. NeuroImage 56 (2), pp. 582 - 592 (2011)
Journal Article
Graham, S.; Phua, E.; Soon, S.; Oh, T.; Au, C.; Shuter, B.; Wang, S.-C.; Yeh, I. B.: Role of medial cortical, hippocampal and striatal interactions during cognitive set-shifting. NeuroImage 45 (4), pp. 1359 - 1367 (2009)
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