Publications of Jan Carol Näslund

Journal Article (1)

Journal Article
Näslund, J. C.: The interrelationships among preschool predictors of reading acquisition for German children. Reading and Writing 2 (4), pp. 327 - 360 (1990)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Schneider, W.; Näslund, J. C.: Impact of early phonological processing skills on reading and spelling in school: Evidence from the Munich longitudinal study. In: Individual development from 3 to 12: Findings from the Munich longitudinal study, pp. 126 - 147 (Eds. Weinert, F. E.; Schneider, W.). Cambridge University Press, New York, NY (1999)
Book Chapter
Schneider, W.; Näslund, J. C.: Cognitive prerequisites of reading and spelling. In: Neo Piagetian theories of cognitive development, pp. 256 - 274 (Eds. Demetriou, A.; Shayer, M.; Efklides, A.). Routledge, London (1992)
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