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  1. 2017
    Journal Article
    Klein, T. A.; Ullsperger, M.; Jocham, G.: Learning relative values in the striatum induces violations of normative decision making. Nature Communications 8 (2017)
  2. Journal Article
    Colosio, M.; Shestakova, A.; Nikulin, V. V.; Blagovechtchenski, E.; Klucharev, V.: Neural mechanisms of cognitive dissonance (revised): An EEG study. The Journal of Neuroscience 37 (20), pp. 5074 - 5083 (2017)
  3. Journal Article
    Breitenstein, C.; Grewe, T.; Flöel, A.; Ziegler, W.; Springer, L.; Martus, P.; Huber, W.; Willmes, K.; Ringelstein, E. B.; Haeusler, K. G. et al.; Abel, S.; Glindemann, R.; Domahs, F.; Regenbrecht, F.; Schlenck, K.-J.; Thomas, M.; Obrig, H.; de Langen, E.; Rocker, R.; Wigbers, F.; Rühmkorf, C.; Hempen, I.; List, J.; Baumgaertner, A.; FCET2EC study group: Intensive speech and language therapy in patients with chronic aphasia after stroke: A randomised, open-label, blinded-endpoint, controlled trial in a health-care setting. The Lancet 389 (10078), pp. 1528 - 1538 (2017)
  4. Journal Article
    Steinacker, P.; Semler, E.; Anderl-Straub, S.; Diehl-Schmid, J.; Schroeter, M. L.; Uttner, I.; Foerstl, H.; Landwehrmeyer, B.; von Arnim, C. A.F.; Kassubek, J. et al.; Oeckl, P.; Huppertz, H.-J.; Fassbender, K.; Fliessbach, K.; Prudlo, J.; Roßmeier, C.; Kornhuber, J.; Schneider , A.; Volk, A. E.; Lauer, M.; Danek, A.; Ludolph, A. C.; Otto, M.: Neurofilament as a blood marker for diagnosis and monitoring of primary progressive aphasias. Neurology 88 (10), pp. 961 - 969 (2017)
  5. Journal Article
    Huntenburg, J. M.; Bazin, P.-L.; Goulas, A.; Tardif, C.; Villringer, A.; Margulies, D. S.: A systematic relationship between functional connectivity and intracortical myelin in the human cerebral cortex. Cerebral Cortex 27 (2), pp. 981 - 997 (2017)
  6. 2016
    Journal Article
    Sehm, B.; Steele, C.; Villringer, A.; Ragert, P.: Mirror motor activity during right-hand contractions and its relation to white matter in the posterior midbody of the corpus callosum. Cerebral Cortex 26 (11), pp. 4347 - 4355 (2016)
  7. Journal Article
    Krause, T.; Asseyer, S.; Taskin, B.; Flöel, A.; Witte, V.; Mueller, K.; Fiebach, J. B.; Villringer, K.; Villringer, A.; Jungehulsing, G. J.: The cortical signature of central poststroke pain: Gray matter decreases in somatosensory, insular, and prefrontal cortices. Cerebral Cortex 26 (1), pp. 80 - 88 (2016)
  8. Journal Article
    Witte, V.; Köbe, T.; Kerti, L.; Rujescu, D.; Flöel, A.: Impact of KIBRA polymorphism on memory function and the hippocampus in older adults. Neuropsychopharmacology 41, pp. 781 - 790 (2016)
  9. 2015
    Journal Article
    Garrett, D. D.; Nagel, I. E.; Preuschhof, C.; Burzynska, A. Z.; Marchner, J.; Wiegert, S.; Jungehülsing, G. J.; Nyberg, L.; Villringer, A.; Li, S.-C. et al.; Heekeren, H.; Bäckmann, L.; Lindenberger, U.: Amphetamine modulates brain signal variability and working memory in younger and older adults. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112 (24), pp. 7593 - 7598 (2015)
  10. Journal Article
    Striem-Amit, E.; Ovadia-Caro, S.; Caramazza, A.; Margulies, D. S.; Villringer, A.; Amedi, A.: Functional connectivity of visual cortex in the blind follows retinotopic organization principles. Brain 138 (6), pp. 1679 - 1695 (2015)
  11. Journal Article
    Goltz, D.; Gundlach, C.; Nierhaus, T.; Villringer, A.; Müller, M.; Pleger, B.: Connections between intraparietal sulcus and a sensorimotor network underpin sustained tactile attention. The Journal of Neuroscience 35 (20), pp. 7938 - 7949 (2015)
  12. Journal Article
    Nierhaus, T.; Forschack, N.; Piper, S. K.; Holtze, S.; Krause, T.; Taskin, B.; Long, X.; Stelzer, J.; Margulies, D. S.; Steinbrink, J. et al.; Villringer, A.: Imperceptible somatosensory stimulation alters sensorimotor background rhythm and connectivity. The Journal of Neuroscience 35 (15), pp. 5917 - 5925 (2015)
  13. Journal Article
    Preusser, S.; Thiel, S. D.; Rook, C.; Roggenhofer, E.; Kosatschek, A.; Draganski, B.; Blankenburg, F.; Driver, J.; Villringer, A.; Pleger, B.: The perception of touch and the ventral somatosensory pathway. Brain 138 (3), pp. 540 - 548 (2015)
  14. Journal Article
    Sacher, J.; Rekkas, V. P.; Wilson, A. A.; Houle, S.; Romano, L.; Hamidi, J.; Rusjan, P.; Fan, I.; Stewart, D. E.; Meyer, J. H.: Relationship of monoamine oxidase: A distribution volume to postpartum depression and postpartum crying. Neuropsychopharmacology 40 (2), pp. 429 - 435 (2015)
  15. 2014
    Journal Article
    Witte, V.; Kerti, L.; Hermannstädter, H. M.; Fiebach, J. B.; Schreiber, S. J.; Schuchardt, J. P.; Hahn, A.; Flöel, A.: Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids improve brain function and structure in older adults. Cerebral Cortex 24 (11), pp. 3059 - 3068 (2014)
  16. Journal Article
    Schäfer, A.; Burmann, I.; Regenthal, R.; Arélin, K.; Barth, C.; Pampel, A.; Villringer, A.; Margulies, D. S.; Sacher, J.: Serotonergic modulation of intrinsic functional connectivity. Current Biology 24 (19), pp. 2314 - 2318 (2014)
  17. Journal Article
    Jocham, G.; Klein, T. A.; Ullsperger, M.: Differential modulation of reinforcement learning by D2 dopamine and NMDA glutamate receptor antagonism. The Journal of Neuroscience: the Official Journal of the Society for Neuroscience 34 (39), pp. 13151 - 13162 (2014)
  18. Journal Article
    Rekkas, P. V.; Wilson, A. A.; Lee, V. W. H.; Yogalingam, P.; Sacher, J.; Rusjan, P.; Houle, S.; Stewart, D. E.; Kolla, N. J.; Kish, S. et al.; Chiuccariella, L.; Meyer, J. H.: Greater monoamine oxidase a binding in perimenopausal age as measured with carbon 11–labeled harmine positron emission tomography. JAMA Psychiatry 71 (8), pp. 873 - 879 (2014)
  19. Journal Article
    Witte, V.; Kerti, L.; Margulies, D. S.; Flöel, A.: Effects of resveratrol on memory performance, hippocampal functional connectivity, and glucose metabolism in healthy older adults. The Journal of Neuroscience 34 (23), pp. 7862 - 7870 (2014)
  20. Journal Article
    Macher, K.; Boehringer, A.; Villringer, A.; Pleger, B.: Cerebellar-parietal connections underpin phonological storage. The Journal of Neuroscience 34 (14), pp. 5029 - 5037 (2014)
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