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    Schubotz, R. I.; Sakreida, K.; Regenbrecht, F.; von Cramon, D. Y.: Stutterers are better than non-stutterers in memory-driven sequence processing: Evidence for a basal ganglia bypass. 47. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen, Regensburg, Germany (2005)
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    Jentzsch, R. T.; Ferstl, E. C.; Guthke, T.: Situationsmodellbildung beim Textverstehen: Eine behaviorale Patientenstudie nach frontaler Hirnschädigung. 47. Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen (TeaP), Regensburg, Germany (2005)
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    Bornkessel, I.; McElree, B.; Roehm, D.; Friederici, A. D.; Schlesewsky, M.: Processing different object cases: temporal and spatial issues. 18th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, Tucson, Arizona (2005)
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    Friedrich, M.: Die Reifung semantischer Verarbeitungsprozesse im 2. Lebensjahr. 29. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie, Psychosomatik und Psychotherapie, Heidelberg, Germany (2005)
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    Koch, I.: Kognitive Mechanismen der Handlungsplanung und Aufgabenkontrolle. Kloster Irsee (2005)
  6. Talk
    Roehm, D.: Frequency-analytical dissocation of language-related ERP components. Tandem Workshop on Advanced Methods of Electrophysiological Signal Analysis and Symbol Grounding? Dynamical Systems Approaches to Language, Potsdam, Germany (2005)
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    Rieger, M.; Prinz, W.: Fitts' Law under conditions of transformation between movement space and visual space. 9. Tübinger Wahrnehmungskonferenz: Symposium: „Perceptual-cognitive mechanisms of action control”, Tübingen (2005)
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    Kotz, S. A.: The role of the anterior temporal lobe in auditory language processing: ERP patient evidence. Colloquium, Berlin, Germany (2005)
  9. Talk
    Schubotz, R. I.: Prediction in perception and action. Seminar APIC "Metacognitive control and emergence of self and other-awareness", Paris, France (2005)
  10. Talk
    Liepelt, R.; von Cramon, D. Y.; Brass, M.: Functional evidence that direct matching can be triggered by observed intentions. Meeting EDICI, Pusztazamor, Hungary (2005)
  11. Talk
    Sebanz, N.: Minds aligned: Co-representation in joint action. New York (2005)
  12. Talk
    Weigelt, M.: Target-related coupling in bimanual reaching movements. Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (2005)
  13. Talk
    Öllinger, M.: On the evolution of basic cognitive operations. Budapest (2005)
  14. Talk
    Ritter, P.: Simultaneous EEG-fMRI of brain rhythms. Symposium Modelling and Imaging the Brain, Black Dog Institute, New South Wales University Sydney, Australia (2005)
  15. Talk
    Brass, M.: Why don't we imitate all the time? Annual meeting of the Experimental Psychology Society, London, UK (2005)
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    Hofer, T.; Hauf, P.; Aschersleben, G.: Die Bedeutung der Mutter-Kind-Interaktion für die kognitive Entwicklung im ersten Lebensjahr. Justus-Liebig-Universität, Gießen (2005)
  17. Talk
    Knoblich, G.: The social nature of perception and action. Niagara Falls (2005)
  18. Talk
    Wenke, D.: Implementing task instructions within the cognitive system: The influence of response instructions on response coding. (2005)
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    Friedrich, M.: Lexical-semantic processing and sensitivity to phonotactic regularities in 19-month-olds with and without risk for SLI. 10th International Conference for the Study of Child Language (IASCL), Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (2005)
  20. Talk
    Friedrich, M.: Phonological-lexical and semantic priming reflected in the ERP of one-year-old children. Annual Meeting of the Biological Psychologists and Neuropsychologists of the German Society of Psychology (DGPs) and the German Society of Psychophysiology and its Applications (DGPA) - 31st APM: Psychology and Brain, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany (2005)
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    Jentschke, S.; Koelsch, S.; Friederici, A. D.: Neural correlates of processing structure in music and language - Influences of musical training and language impairment. The Neurosciences and Music II - From Perception to Performance, Leipzig, Germany (2005)
  22. Talk
    Mendes, N.; Call, J.: Do gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla) remember the location of specific food items? II Portuguese International Primatological Conference, Lisbon, Portugal (2005)
  23. Talk
    Ritter, P.: Simultaneous EEG-fMRI of brain rhythms. House Symposium of the Neuroscience Research Center, Charité, Berlin, Germany (2005)
  24. Talk
    Sacher, J.: Serotonin transporter & selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. Annual Meeting of the Austrian Society for Biological Psychiatry, Vienna, Austria (2005)
  25. Talk
    Sacher, J.: A new SERT-tracer for SPECT: Kinetic data on [123I]-ADAM in healthy human subjects. World Federation of Societies for Biological Psychiatry, Vienna, Austria (2005)
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