Book Chapter (39)

  1. 1996
    Book Chapter
    Weinert, F. E.; Schneider, W.: Entwicklung des Gedächtnisses. In: Gedächtnis, pp. 433 - 487 Series: Enzyklopaedie der Psychologie, Themenbereich C, Theorie und Forschung, Serie II, Kognition, Band 434 (Eds. Albert, D.; Stapf, K. H.). Hogrefe, Goettingen (1996)
  2. Book Chapter
    Wijers, A. A.; Mulder, G.; Gunter, T. C.; Smid, H. G. O. M.: Brain potential analysis of selective attention. In: Handbook of Perception and Action, Vol. 3, pp. 333 - 387 (Eds. Neumann, O.; Sanders, A. F.). Academic Press, London (1996)
  3. Book Chapter
    Wohlschläger, A.: Mental rotation - a case of embodied action. In: Embodied Cognition & Action. Papers from the 1996 AAAI Fall Symposium. Technical Report FS-96-05, pp. 139 - 144 (Ed. The American Association for Artificial Intelligence). AAAI Press, Menlo Park, CA (1996)
  4. Book Chapter
    Wolf, T.; Arnold, G.; Dreier, J.; Back, T.; Villringer, A.; Dirnagl, U.: Noninvasive Detection of hemoglobin oxygenation changes during cortical spreading depression in the rat brain. In: Experimental Headache Models, pp. 107 - 112 (Eds. Olesen, J.; Moskowitz, M. A.). Lippincott-Raven Publishers, Philadelphia (1996)
  5. Book Chapter
    Zilles, K.; Schlaug, G.; Geyer, S.; Luppino, G.; Matelli, M.; Que, M.; Schleicher, A.; Schormann, T.: Anatomy and transmitter receptors of the supplementary motor areas in the human and nonhuman primate brain. In: Supplementary Sensorimotor Area, pp. 29 - 43 (Ed. Lueders, H. O.). Lippincott-Raven, Philadelphia (1996)

Conference Paper (14)

  1. 1996
    Conference Paper
    Gigerenzer, G.; Goldstein, D. G.: Satisficing inference and the perks of ignorance. 18th Annual Conference of the Cognitive-Science-Society, LA JOLLA, CA, July 12, 1996 - July 15, 1996. Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pp. 137 - 141 (1996)
  2. Conference Paper
    Gigerenzer, G.; Goldstein, D. G.: Mind as computer: Birth of a metaphor. Workshop on Can We Unravel Scientific Creativity, BIELEFELD, GERMANY, July 08, 1994 - July 11, 1994. Creativity Research Journal 9 (2-3), pp. 131 - 144 (1996)
  3. Conference Paper
    Gorrell, P.: Parsing theory and phrase-order variation in German V2 clauses. 8th Annual CUNY Conference on Human Sentence Processing, TUCSON, AZ, 1995-03. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research 25 (1), pp. 135 - 156 (1996)
  4. Conference Paper
    Hoffrage, U.; Gigerenzer, G.: The impact of information representation on Bayesian reasoning. 18th Annual Conference of the Cognitive-Science-Society, LA JOLLA, CA, July 12, 1996 - July 15, 1996. Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, pp. 126 - 130 (1996)
  5. Conference Paper
    Kruggel, F. J.; Horsch, A.; von Cramon, D. Y.: A collaborative image database "out of the box". In: Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Image Management and Communication (IMAC 95), pp. 278 - 284. Fourth International Conference on Image Mnagement and Communication - IMAC 95, Oahu Island, HI, August 20, 1995 - August 24, 1995. IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos (1996)
  6. Conference Paper
    Kruggel, F. J.; Lohmann, G.: Brain (Brain image analysis) - A toolkit for the analysis of multimodal brain datasets. In: CAR '96: Computer Assisted Radiology, pp. 323 - 328. International Symposium on Computer and Communication Systems for Image Guided Diagnosis and Therapy (CAR 96), Paric, France, 1996-06. Elsevier, Amsterdam (1996)
  7. Conference Paper
    Lohmann, G.; Kruggel, F. J.: Extracting lines of maximal depth from MR images of the human brain. In: Proceedings of the 13th international conference on pattern recognition, Vol. 3, pp. 518 - 522. 13th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Vienna, Austria, August 25, 1996 - August 29, 1996. IEEE Computer Society Press, Los Alamitos (1996)
  8. Conference Paper
    Mecklinger, A.; Friederici, A. D.; Hahne, A.: Syntaktische Prozesse beim Sprachverstehen: Neurophysiologische und funktionale Aspekte. In: Aphasietherapie im Wandel, pp. 123 - 137 (Eds. Widdig, W.; Ohlendorf, I. M.; Malin, J.-P.). Hochschulverlag, Freiburg (1996)
  9. Conference Paper
    Müller, U.; Frieboes, R.-M.; von Cramon, D. Y.: Diagnose und Therapie emotionaler Instabilität nach Hirninfarkt. In: Aktuelle Perspektiven der biologischen Psychiatrie, pp. 112 - 116 (Eds. Möller, H.-J.; Müller-Spahn, F.; Kurtz, G.). Springer, Wien (1996)
  10. Conference Paper
    Nunner-Winkler, G.: Formen von Gewalt - Kommentar zu W. Heitmeyer: Gewalt bei Jugendlichen aus unterschiedlichen sozialen Milieus. In: Hauptreferate des Kongresses der schweizerischen Sozialwissenschaften, pp. 405 - 425. Gesellschaften im Umbau, Identitäten, Konflikte, Differenzen, Bern, 1995. Seismo, Zürich (1996)
  11. Conference Paper
    Ullsperger, P.; Mecklinger, A.: P300 as index of cognitve adaptation. In: Recent advances in event-related brain potential research, pp. 47 - 51 (Eds. Ogura, C.; Koga, Y.; Shimokochi, M.). 11th International Conference on Event-Related Potentials (EPIC), Okinawa, Japan, June 25, 1995 - June 30, 1995. Elsevier, Amsterdam (1996)
  12. Conference Paper
    von Cramon, D. Y.: Neurobiologie des Arbeitsgedächtnisses. In: Aktuelle Perspektiven der Biologischen Psychiatrie, pp. 1 - 11 (Eds. Möller, H.-J.; Müller-Spahn, F.; Kurtz, G.). Springer, Wien (1996)
  13. Conference Paper
    Weinert, F. E.: Pro's and con's concerning the "new learning theories" as a foundation of educational research. Paedogogical Psychology 5th Professional Group Conference, LEIPZIG, GERMANY, September 28, 1995. Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie 10 (1), pp. 1 - 12 (1996)
  14. Conference Paper
    Wulf, G.; Weigelt, C.: Instruktion oder "Intuition" beim Bewegungslernen? In: Psychologie and Sport, pp. 77 - 84 (Ed. der Köln, B. ü. d. S. a. d. 3. B. d. P. I. D. S.). Symposium anlässlich des 30jährigen Bestehens des Psychologischen Instituts der Deutschen Sporthochschule Köln, Köln, September 08, 1995 - September 09, 1995. bps Verlag, Köln (1996)

Meeting Abstract (10)

  1. 1996
    Meeting Abstract
    Corina, D.; Bavelier, D.; Jezzard, P.; Clark, V.; Padmanhaban, S.; Rauschecker, J.; Braun, A.; Turner, R.; Neville, H.: Processing of American sign language and English in native deaf signers: An fMRI study at 4T. In Brain and Cognition, 32 (2), p. 100. (1996)
  2. Meeting Abstract
    Geyer, S.; Ledberg, A.; Schleicher, A.; Kinomura, S.; Schormann, T.; Larsson, J.; Zilles, K.; Roland, P. E.: Structural and functional inhomogeneity of the primary motor cortex of man. An integrated study using observer-independent cytoarchitectonic mapping and positron emission tomography (PET). In NeuroImage, 3, p. S371 - S371. (1996)
  3. Meeting Abstract
    Geyer, S.; Schleicher, A.; Schormann, T.; Roland, P. E.; Zilles, K.: Observer-independent cytoarchitectonic mapping and functional organization of the human primary motor cortex. In Verhandlungen der Anatomischen Gesellschaft, 91, pp. 27 - 28. (1996)
  4. Meeting Abstract
    Hoffrage, U.; Hertwig, R.; Gigerenzer, G.: Hindsight bias as a result of cue updating. In International Journal of Psychology, 31 (3-4), p. 4406 - 4406. (1996)
  5. Meeting Abstract
    Jansen, Y.; Geyer, S.; Schleicher, A.; Matelli, M.; Luppino, G.; Rizzolatti, G.; Zilles, K.: Receptor autoradiographic and architectonic mapping of the supplementary motor area in the macaque monkey. In Verhandlungen der Anatomischen Gesellschaft, 91, p. 186 - 186. (1996)
  6. Meeting Abstract
    Matelli, M.; Luppino, G.; Govoni, P.; Geyer, S.: Anatomical and functional subdivisions of inferior area 6 in macaque monkey. In Abstracts / Society for Neuroscience, 22 (3), p. 2024 - 2024. (1996)
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