PD Dr. Veronica Witte

Main Focus

  • genetics and neurobehvaioural correlates of obesity
  • obesity and brain aging
  • impact of diet and lifestyle on brain structure and function
  • population neuroimaging
  • human interventional studies
  • genetic factors and gene-environment interactions
  • (micro-)structure of the hippocampus
  • structural imaging, diffusion tensor imaging, functional connectivity


Curriculum Vitae

Academic Education

1999 - 2004
Studies of Biology
Bielefeld University
Diploma (~MSc) in biology
Bielefeld University
Dr. rer. nat. (~PhD)
Doctoral Thesis "Dynamic changes in the development of prefrontal networks" Bielefeld University


2004 - 2006
Impact of environmental enrichment on neurotransmitter systems in rodents using immunohistological and tracer techniques, Bielefeld University,
03/06 - 12/08
Effects of lifestyle on cognitive functions, Münster University Hospital
2007 - 2008
Associations between hormones, personality traits and brain structure, using MRI and serotonin receptor PET, University Hospital Vienna
2009 - 2014
Effects of modifiable lifestyle interventions, such as dietary habits and exercise, on the aging healthy and diseased brain, Charité University Medicine Berlin
since 2014
Junior group leader
Effects of obesity and other nutrition-related lifestyle factors on the brain, Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences, Leipzig

Grants & Awards

2018 - 2020
EFRE-Projekt, Co-PI Schaffung von leistungsfähigen Strukturen zur nachhaltigen Nutzung der LIFE-Daten und Ausbau der Vernetzung mit der Universitätsmedizin Leipzig und externen Partnern, 220,000 €
2018 - 2020
DFG-Projekt WI 3342/3-1, PI Neuronal correlates and mechanisms of cognitive improvements after bariatric surgery, 165,000 €
Selected for Max Planck Society's "Sign Up!" Careerbuilding program
2013- 2014
School of Mind & Brain, HU Berlin, Lifespan Plasticity PostDoc Stipendium, 2,000 €/Monat 
2010 - 2012
NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence, PI, Female Post-Doc position, 220,000 € (eigene Stelle, wiss. Mitarbeiterin (T. Köbe), 30,000 €/Jahr Sachmittel) 
2010 - 2013
BMBF-Projekt FKZ 0315673, Co-PI Enhancing memory functions in patients with mild cognitive impairment by dietary interventions and in combination with exercise and cognitive training - Proof of concept and mechanisms 650,000 €
2009 - 2013
DFG-Projekt FL 379/8-1, Co-PI Can dietary modifications improve memory functions in healthy elderly humans? If so, what are the underlying mechanisms? 340,000 €
Center for Stroke Research Berlin (CSB) Paper of the month Witte AV et al., Cereb Cor 2013 
Travelgrant AAIC Conference, Vancouver Canada 2,000 € 
MentorInnen-Programm für Nachwuchswissenschaflterinnen, Charite (Mentor: Prof. A. Villringer)
Initiative Zukunft Ernährung (IZE)  FL 379/8-1, Award future nutrition, 3,000 €  
Pfrimmer Nutricia Nachwuchspreis Dr.-Werner-Fekl-Förderpreis 2,500 € 
Travelgrant ECNP Conference, Barcelona 500 €
Travelgrant FENS Conference, Vienna 800 €
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