Book Chapter (5)

  1. Book Chapter
    Fritz, T.: Jymmin - The medical potential of musical euphoria. In: The Routledge companion to embodied music interaction, pp. 278 - 283 (Eds. Lesaffre, M.; Maes, P.-J.; Leman, M.). Routledge, London (2017)
  2. Book Chapter
    Fritz, T.: Musik - Eine grenzübergreifende Sprache? In: Musik - Ein Spiel mit Grenzen und Entgrenzung, pp. 9 - 21 (Ed. Hofmann, G.). Wißner, Augsburg (2016)
  3. Book Chapter
    Seifert, U.; Verschure, P. F. M. J.; Arbib, M. A.; Cohen, A. J.; Fogassi, L.; Fritz, T.; Kuperberg, G.; Manzolli, J.; Rickard, N.: Semantics of internal and external worlds. In: Language, music, and the brain: A mysterious relationship, pp. 203 - 232 (Ed. Arbib, M. A.). MIT Press, Cambridge (2013)
  4. Book Chapter
    Fritz, T.; Koelsch, S.: Acoustically mediated emotional contagion as an across-species homology underlying music processing. In: Evolution of emotional communication: From sounds in nonhuman mammals to speech and music in man, pp. 300 - 312 (Ed. Altenmüller, E.). Oxford University Press, Oxford (2013)
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