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  1. 2010
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    Daunizeau, J.; den Ouden, H. E. M.; Pessiglione, M.; Kiebel, S. J.; Friston, K. J.; Stephan, K. E.: Observing the observer (II): Deciding when to decide. PLoS One 5 (12) (2010)
  2. Journal Article
    Daunizeau, J.; den Ouden, H. E. M.; Pessiglione, M.; Kiebel, S. J.; Stephan, K. E.; Friston, K. J.: Observing the observer (I): Meta-Bayesian models of learning and decision-making. PLoS One 5 (12) (2010)
  3. Journal Article
    Schroeter, M. L.; Steiner, J.; Mueller, K.: Glial pathology is modified by age in mood disorders - A systematic meta-analysis of serum S100B in vivo studies. Journal of Affective Disorders 134 (1-3) (2010)
  4. Journal Article
    Fiebach, J.; Hopt, A.; Vucic, T.; Brunecker, P.; Nolte, C. H.; Doege, C.; Villringer, K.; Jungehulsing, G. J.; Kunze, C.; Wegener, S. et al.; Villringer, A.: Inverse mismatch and lesion growth in small subcortical ischaemic stroke. European Radiology 20 (12), pp. 2983 - 2989 (2010)
  5. Journal Article
    Margulies, D. S.; Boettger, J.; Long, X.; Lv, Y.; Kelly, C.; Schäfer, A.; Goldhahn, D.; Abbushi, A.; Milham, M. P.; Lohmann, G. et al.; Villringer, A.: Resting developments: A review of fMRI post-processing methodologies for spontaneous brain activity. Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine 23 (5-6), pp. 289 - 307 (2010)
  6. Journal Article
    Schmerbach, K.; Pfab, T.; Zhao, Y.; Culman, J.; Mueller, S.; Villringer, A.; Muller, D. N.; Hocher, B.; Unger, T.; Thoene-Reineke, C.: Effects of aliskiren on stroke in rats expressing human renin and angiotensinogen genes. PLoS One 5 (11) (2010)
  7. Journal Article
    Zuo, X.-N.; Kelly, C.; Di Martino, A.; Mennes, M.; Margulies, D. S.; Bangaru, S.; Grzadzinski, R.; Evans, A. C.; Zang, Y.-F.; Castellanos, F. X. et al.; Milham, M. P.: Growing together and growing apart: Regional and sex differences in the lifespan developmental trajectories of functional homotopy. Journal of Neuroscience 30 (45), pp. 15034 - 15043 (2010)
  8. Journal Article
    Luck, T.; Luppa, M.; Briel, S.; Matschinger, H.; Koenig, H.-H.; Bleich, S.; Villringer, A.; Angermeyer, M. C.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: Mild cognitive impairment: Incidence and risk factors: Results of the Leipzig Longitudinal Study of the Aged (LEILA 75+). Journal of the American Geriatrics Society 58 (10), pp. 1903 - 1910 (2010)
  9. Journal Article
    Thomalla, G.; Hartmann, F.; Juettler, E.; Singer, O. C.; Lehnhardt, F.-G.; Köhrmann, M.; Kersten, J. F.; Krützelmann, A.; Humpich, M. C.; Sobesky, J. et al.; Gerloff, C.; Villringer, A.; Fiehler, J.; Heumann-Haefelin, T.; Schellinger, P. D.; Röther, J.: Prediction of malignant middle cerebral artery infarction by magnetic resonance imaging within 6 hours of symptom onset: A prospective multicenter observational study. Annals of Neurology 68 (4), pp. 435 - 445 (2010)
  10. Journal Article
    Boehringer, A.; Schwabe, L.; Schachinger, H.: A combination of high stress-induced and energetic arousal compensates for impairing effects of stress on memory retrieval in men. Stress-the International Journal on the Biology of Stress 13 (5), pp. 444 - 453 (2010)
  11. Journal Article
    Heuschmann, P. U.; Busse, O.; Wagner, M.; Endres, M.; Villringer, A.; Roether, J.; Kolominsky-Rabas, P. L.; Berger, K.: Schlaganfallhäufigkeit und Versorgung von Schlaganfallpatienten in Deutschland. Aktuelle Neurologie 37 (7), pp. 333 - 340 (2010)
  12. Journal Article
    Spiegler, A.; Kiebel, S. J.; Atay, F.; Knösche, T. R.: Bifurcation analysis of neural mass models: Impact of extrinsic inputs and dendritic time constants. NeuroImage 52 (3), pp. 1041 - 1058 (2010)
  13. Journal Article
    Taubert, M.; Draganski, B.; Anwander, A.; Mueller, K.; Horstmann, A.; Villringer, A.; Ragert, P.: Dynamic properties of human brain structure: Learning-related changes in cortical areas and associated fiber connections. The Journal of Neuroscience 30 (35), pp. 11670 - 11677 (2010)
  14. Journal Article
    Draganski, B.; Bhatia, K. P.: Brain structure in movement disorders: a neuroimaging perspective. Current Opinion in Neurology 23 (4), pp. 413 - 419 (2010)
  15. Journal Article
    Müller-Plath, G.; Ott, D. V.; Pollmann, S.: Deficits in subprocesses of visual feature search after frontal, parietal, and temporal brain lesions-A modeling approach. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 22 (7), pp. 1399 - 1424 (2010)
  16. Journal Article
    Raczka, K. A.; Becker, G. A.; Seese, A.; Frisch, S.; Heiner, S.; Marschhauser, A.; Barthel, H.; Scheid, R.; Sabri, O.; Schroeter, M. L.: Executive and behavioral deficits share common neural substrates in frontotemporal lobar degeneration - A pilot FDG-PET study. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 182 (3), pp. 274 - 280 (2010)
  17. Journal Article
    Obrig, H.; Rossi, S.; Telkemeyer, S.; Wartenburger, I.: From acoustic segmentation to language processing: Evidence from optical imaging. Frontiers in Neuroenergetics 2 (2010)
  18. Journal Article
    Koch, S. P.; Habermehl, C.; Mehnert, J.; Schmitz, C. H.; Holtze, S.; Villringer, A.; Steinbrink, J.; Obrig, H.: High-resolution optical functional mapping of the human somatosensory cortex. Frontiers in Neuroenergetics 2 (2010)
  19. Journal Article
    Lohmann, G.; Margulies, D. S.; Horstmann, A.; Pleger, B.; Lepsien, J.; Goldhahn, D.; Schlögl, H.; Stumvoll, M.; Villringer, A.; Turner, R.: Eigenvector centrality mapping for analyzing connectivity patterns in fMRI data of the human brain. PLoS One 5 (4) (2010)
  20. Journal Article
    Schneider, S. A.; Pleger, B.; Draganski, B.; Cordivari, C.; Rothwell, J. C.; Bhatia, K. P.; Dolan, R. J.: Modulatory effects of 5Hz rTMS over the primary somatosensory cortex in focal dystonia: An fMRI-TMS study. Movement Disorders 25 (1), pp. 76 - 83 (2010)
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