MRI image of brain with fiber tracts highlighted in color
Gehirn & Geist (6/2023) - German only
The latest magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques being developed in the Department of Neurophysics allow unique insights into the superficial white matter. A glimpse into the research of our department and other working groups is given in this article in Brain & Mind.

How Can Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Help Us to Diagnose and Treat Neurodegenerative Disease?

The idea: Complicated stuff needs to be explained. In Latest Thinking, the researchers personally explain their latest insights into the realities of life.
Wie funktioniert eigentlich ein Magnetresonanztomograph (MRT)?

Heavy Metal im Hirn

Wie funktioniert eigentlich ein Magnetresonanztomograph (MRT)?

Video presentation
ISMRM 2021

Abstract #3049 “Quantification of transverse relaxation times in-vivo at 7T field strength"

Exchange 7Tesla MRI scanner - Farewell & New Beginning

For the first time in Germany, a 7 Tesla magnetic resonance scanner has been exchanged for research - insights into farewell in 2019 & new beginnings in 2020 and the technical challenges for neurophysics at MPI CBS.

Siemens MAGNETOM Skyra Connectom A

The MRI scanner CONNECTOM is one of three of its kind worldwide. Thanks to its unparalleled gradient strength, it will reveal information about the inner wiring of the living human brain.

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