Thesis - Master (63)

  1. 2017
    Thesis - Master
    Kirsch , F.: Assessment of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS): Induced changes of proprioceptive function in healthy ageing. Master, University Leipzig, Faculty of Biosciences, Pharmacy and Psychology, Leipzig (2017)
  2. Thesis - Master
    Haiduk, F.: The Singer's Formant as an evolved mating signal reflected by MMN. Master, University of Leipzig (2017)
  3. Thesis - Master
    Rysop, A.: Modulation semantischer Netzwerke bei ungestörter und transient gestörter Sprachverarbeitung: Eine TMS-EEG Studie. Master, University Marburg, Marburg, Germany (2017)
  4. Thesis - Master
    Govaart, G.: Syntax in musical action: EEG evidence for syntax processing during music production and observation in pianists. Master, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2017)
  5. Thesis - Master
    Hitzler, M.: Implizite syntaktische Fähigkeiten bei 2.5-jährigen Kindern: Eine Pupillometrie-Studie. Master, University Leipzig, Leipzig, Germany (2017)
  6. Thesis - Master
    Lin, H.-p.: I see feelings in your eyes: Neural responses to eye contact during emotional speech perception. Master, School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University, Berlin (2017)
  7. 2016
    Thesis - Master
    Kuhnke, P.: The neural basis of argument-verb dependency processing: A repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation study. Master, University of Osnabrück (2016)
  8. Thesis - Master
    Cheung, V.: The processing of violations in nested musical structures. Master, Humboldt University, Berlin (2016)
  9. Thesis - Master
    Georgi, J.: Einfluss der extrazellulären Matrix auf die Wasserdiffusion im Gehirn. Master, 97 pp., Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg, Halle/Saale (2016)
  10. Thesis - Master
    Grahl, S.: Exploring grey matter changes during sensorimotor training: A longitudinal study. Master, Department of Experimental Psychiatry, University Clinic Dresden (2016)
  11. Thesis - Master
    Gumbert, M.: The role of delta-band oscillations in language comprehension: An EEG study. Master, University of Trento (2016)
  12. Thesis - Master
    Kohler, N.: It's all about the timing: Investigating the temporal nature of interaction between melodic pitch and linguistic prosodic expectancy. Master, Goldsmiths University, London (2016)
  13. Thesis - Master
    Kruse, J.: Neural characteristics of rhythmic movements - An EEG study. Master, TU Dresden (2016)
  14. 2015
    Thesis - Master
    Avetisyan, S.: The impact of focus operators on the processing of long-distance dependencies: Evidence from Eastern Armenian. Master, University of Potsdam, Potsdam (2015)
  15. Thesis - Master
    Stachura, A.: Online Regeln lernen: Eine EEG-Studie mit 3-jährigen Kindern. Master, University of Leipzig (2015)
  16. Thesis - Master
    Kalloch, B.: Simulation transkranieller Gleichstromstimulation mit OpenFOAM. Master, University of Leipzig (2015)
  17. 2014
    Thesis - Master
    Köhn, H.: Regelhafter Erstspracherwerb. Master, University of Leipzig (2014)
  18. Thesis - Master
    Lenich, T.: Development of a method for lactate imaging based on CEST/NOE. Master, Faculty of Physics and Earth Sciences, University of Leipzig, Germany (2014)
  19. Thesis - Master
    Acar, S.: The neurogenetic basis of the dual-route theory of reading: Evidence from developmental dyslexia. Master, University of Potsdam, Potsdam (2014)
  20. Thesis - Master
    Vassileiou, B.: Fractional anisotropy of the arcuate/superior longitudinal fasciculus predicts verbal working memory span. Master, University of Potsdam, Potsdam (2014)
  21. Thesis - Master
    Paul, M.: Verarbeitung von Intonationsphrasen im Alter von 36 Monaten: Tonhöhe als akustischer Parameter zur Grenzmarkierung. Master, Goethe University Frankfurt a. M. (2014)
  22. Thesis - Master
    Huntenburg, J. M.: Evaluating nonlinear coregistration of BOLD EPI and T1w images. Master, Freie Universität, Berlin (2014)
  23. Thesis - Master
    Oligschläger, S.: Differentiating brain organization underlying components of cognitive control: An investigation of individual differences using intrinsic functional connectivity. Master, Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience, Maastricht University (2014)
  24. 2013
    Thesis - Master
    Borowiak, K.: Neural processing of vocal sounds in autism spectrum disorders. Master, Free University Berlin, Germany (2013)
  25. Thesis - Master
    Ruisinger, A.: Structural connectivity between auditory thalamus and primary auditory cortex in developmental dyslexia. Master, University of Potsdam (2013)
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