Professor Duncan Astle | Network dynamics in the developing brain

Origins of Intelligence Lecture
Please join using this link: (passcode: skeidelab) [mehr]

Professor Yee Lee Shing | Memory and predictive processing across the lifespan

MPSCog Cognition Colloquium

Prof. Marco Taubert | Predispositions and exercise-induced plasticity in the human brain

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Professor Patrick Haggard | Postulating and studying mental processes: The case of volition

MPSCog Cognition Colloquium

Dr Boris Bernhardt | New tools and resources for multiscale human neuroscience

My talk will overview new tools and resources to study the human brain across multiple space scales, and how these approaches can help to (i) understand the spatial layout of brain networks, (ii) associations between brain structure and function, (iii) as well as shifts in spatial patterns in both typical and atypical brain development. [mehr]

Prof. Drew Linsley | Harmonizing the object recognition strategies of deep neural networks with humans

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