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    Pieloth, C.; Knösche, T. R.; Maess, B.; Fuchs, M.: Online distributed source localization from EEG/MEG data. International Journal of Computing 13 (1), pp. 17 - 24 (2014)
  2. Journal Article
    Schreiber, J.; Riffert, T.; Anwander, A.; Knösche, T. R.: Plausibility Tracking: A method to evaluate anatomical connectivity and microstructural properties along fiber pathways. NeuroImage 90, pp. 163 - 178 (2014)
  3. Journal Article
    Nakamura, A.; Maess, B.; Knösche, T. R.; Friederici, A. D.: Different hemispheric roles in recognition of happy expressions. PLoS One 9 (2) (2014)
  4. Journal Article
    Wang, P.; Knösche, T. R.: A realistic neural mass model of the cortex with laminar-specific connections and synaptic plasticity: Evaluation with auditory habituation. PLoS One 8 (10) (2013)
  5. Journal Article
    Assaf, Y.; Alexander, D. C.; Jones, D. K.; Bizzi, A.; Behrens, T. E.J.; Clark, C. A.; Cohen, Y.; Dyrby, T. B.; Huppi, P. S.; Knösche, T. R. et al.; LeBihan, D.; Parker, G. J.M.; Poupon, C.; Anaby, D.; Anwander, A.; Bar, L.; Barazany, D.; Blumenfeld-Katzir, T.; De-Santis, S.; Duclap, D.; Figini, M.; Fischi, E.; Guevara, P.; Hubbard, P.; Hofstetter, S.; Jbabdi, S.; Kunz, N.; Lazeyras, F.; Lebois, A.; Liptrot, M. G.; Lundell, H.; Mangin, J.-F.; Moreno-Dominguez, D.; Morozov, D.; Schreiber, J.; Seunarine, K.; Nava, S.; Poupon, C.; Riffert, T.; Sasson, E.; Schmitt, B.; Shemesh, N.; Sotiropoulos, S. N.; Tavora, I.; Zhang, H. (.; Zhou, F.-L.: The CONNECT project: Combining macro- and micro-structure. NeuroImage 80, pp. 273 - 282 (2013)
  6. Journal Article
    Schönknecht, P.; Anwander, A.; Petzold, F.; Schindler, S.; Knösche, T. R.; Möller, H. E.; Hegerl, U.; Turner, R.; Geyer, S.: Diffusion imaging-based subdivision of the human hypothalamus: A magnetic resonance study with clinical implications. European Archives of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience 263 (6), pp. 497 - 508 (2013)
  7. Journal Article
    Kotz, S. A.; Anwander, A.; Axer, H.; Knösche, T. R.: Beyond cytoarchitectonics: The internal and external connectivity structure of the caudate nucleus. PLoS One 8 (7) (2013)
  8. Journal Article
    Jones, D. K.; Knoesche, T. R.; Turner, R.: White matter integrity, fiber count, and other fallacies: The do's and don'ts of diffusion MRI. NeuroImage 73, pp. 239 - 254 (2013)
  9. Journal Article
    Dannhauer, M.; Lämmel, E.; Wolters, C.; Knösche, T. R.: Spatio-temporal regularization in linear distributed source reconstruction from EEG/MEG: A critical evaluation. Brain Topography 26 (2), pp. 229 - 246 (2013)
  10. Journal Article
    Knösche, T. R.; Gräser, M.; Anwander, A.: Prior knowledge on cortex organization in the reconstruction of source current densities from EEG. NeuroImage 67, pp. 7 - 24 (2013)
  11. Journal Article
    Nguyen Trong, M.; Bojak, I.; Knösche, T. R.: Associating spontaneous with evoked activity in a neural mass model of visual cortex. NeuroImage 66, pp. 80 - 87 (2013)
  12. Journal Article
    Sammler, D.; Koelsch, S.; Ball, T.; Brandt, A.; Grigutsch, M.; Huppertz, H.-J.; Knösche, T. R.; Wellmer, J.; Widman, G.; Elger, C. E. et al.; Friederici, A. D.; Schulze-Bonhage, A.: Co-localizing linguistic and musical syntax with intracranial EEG. NeuroImage 64, pp. 134 - 146 (2013)
  13. Journal Article
    Lanfer, B.; Scherg, M.; Dannhauer, M.; Knösche, T. R.; Burger, M.; Wolters, C. H.: Influences of skull segmentation inaccuracies on EEG source analysis. NeuroImage 62 (1), pp. 418 - 431 (2012)
  14. Journal Article
    Heidemann, R. M.; Anwander, A.; Feiweier, T.; Knösche, T. R.; Turner, R.: k-space and q-space: Combining ultra-high spatial and angular resolution in diffusion imaging using ZOOPPA at 7T. NeuroImage 60 (2), pp. 967 - 978 (2012)
  15. Journal Article
    Spiegler, A.; Knösche, T. R.; Schwab, K.; Haueisen, J.; Atay, F. M.: Modeling brain resonance phenomena using a neural mass model. PLoS Computational Biology 7 (12) (2011)
  16. Journal Article
    Macedonia, M.; Knösche, T. R.: Body in mind: How gestures empower foreign language learning. Mind, Brain and Education 5 (4), pp. 196 - 211 (2011)
  17. Journal Article
    Knösche, T. R.; Tittgemeyer, M.: The role of long-range connectivity for the characterization of the functional-anatomical organization of the cortex. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 5 (2011)
  18. Journal Article
    Dannhauer, M.; Lanfer, B.; Wolters, C. H.; Knösche, T. R.: Modeling of the human skull in EEG source analysis. Human Brain Mapping 32 (9), pp. 1383 - 1399 (2011)
  19. Journal Article
    Spiegler, A.; Kiebel, S. J.; Atay, F.; Knösche, T. R.: Bifurcation analysis of neural mass models: Impact of extrinsic inputs and dendritic time constants. NeuroImage 52 (3), pp. 1041 - 1058 (2010)
  20. Journal Article
    Sander, T. H.; Knösche, T. R.; Schlögl, A.; Kohl, F.; Wolters, C. H.; Haueisen, J.; Trahms, L.: Recent advances in modeling and analysis of bioelectric and biomagnetic sources. Biomedizinische Technik 55 (2), pp. 65 - 76 (2010)
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