Neurocognition of Language Processing

Based on our findings, we have formulated a Neurocognitive Model of Auditory Language Comprehension in the adult brain (see Friederici, 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012). This model provides a testable framework for the time course and functional neuroanatomy of syntactic, semantic as well as lexical processes. These processes involve separable networks in the left hemisphere, while prosodic processes appear to be firmly rooted in areas of the right hemisphere (Friederici et al., 2017).

Our current research focuses on how the processing of syntax and semantics interacts with other linguistic (phonology, prosody) and non-linguistic domains (e.g. memory, emotion, gesture). All these projects aim to specify the functional, as well as structural connectivity between key language-related brain areas (temporal, frontal, subcortical) in order to contribute to a refined understanding of the hierarchical systems of language.


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