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Hellrung, L.; Hollmann, M.; Zscheyge, O.; Schlumm, T.; Horstmann, A.; Okon-Singer, H.; Villringer, A.; Pleger, B.: Dynamic experiment design in functional magnetic resonance imaging. 16th Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping, Quebec City, QC, Canada (2011)
Hetzer, S.; Mildner, T.; Jochimsen, T. H.; Müller, K.; Schlumm, T.; Möller, H. E.: Latency and Echo-Time Dependence of the GRE-BOLD Signal in High-Resolution fMRI. ISMRM 17th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition, Honolulu, HI, USA (2009)
Müller, D. K.; Pampel, A.; Mildner, T.; Schlumm, T.; Jochimsen, T. H.; Möller, H. E.: Efficient and Accurate Modeling of Pulsed Magnetization Transfer. ISMRM 17th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition, Honolulu, HI, USA (2009)
Müller, D.; Jochimsen, T. H.; Schlumm, T.; Möller, H. E.: Towards online reconstruction of quantitative magnetization-transfer imaging. ISMRM 16th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition, Toronto, ON, Canada (2008)

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Working Paper
Eichner, C.; Paquette, M.; Mildner, T.; Schlumm, T.; Pléh, K.; Samuni, L.; Crockford, C.; Wittig, R. M.; Jäger, C.; Möller, H. E. et al.; Friederici, A. D.; Anwander, A.: Increased sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio in diffusion-weighted MRI using multi-echo acquisitions. bioRxiv (2020)
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