Past Meetings

Past Meetings

27.09.2019 | Conference Decompression

Maria Waltmann & Simon M. Hofmann (Neurology)[Slides]: Conference on Cognitive Computational Neuroscience Conference 2019

30.08.2019 | Journal Club

Kornelius Podranski (Neurophysics)[Slides]: Shwartz-Ziv & Tishby, "Opening the Black Box of Deep Neural Networks via Information", arXiv, 2017

16.08.2019 | Tools & Techniques

Simon M. Hofmann (Department of Neurology)[Slides]: "Deep Learning: A primer"

05.07.2019 | Journal Club

Peng Wang ( MEG & Cortical Neworks Group): Cichy et al., "Comparison of deep neural networks to spatio-temporal cortical dynamics of human visual object recognition reveals hierarchical correspondence"Scientific Reports, 2016

21.06.2019 | Journal Club

Romy Lorenz (Department of Neurophysics): Cichy & Kaiser, "Deep Neural Networks as Scientific Models", TiCS, 2019

24.05.2019 | Guest talk

Dirk Ostwald (Freie Universität Berlin, MPI for Human Development): "The neurocomputational mechanisms of human sequential decision making under uncertainty in a spatial search task"

26.04.2019 | Research presentation

Lieneke Janssen (O'BRAIN LAB): "Reliance on model-based and model-free control in obesity"

12.04.2019 | Journal Club

Aroma Dabas & Nadene Dermody presented: Gershman, "What does the free energy principle tell us about the brain?", arXiv, 2019

29.03.2019 | Tools & Techniques

Richard Gast & Thomas Knoesche [Video-Slides]: "The Free Energy Principle - A deeper mathematical dive"

15.03.2019 | Journal Club

Alessandro Braga presented [Slides]: Corlett et al., "Hallucinations and Strong Priors", TiCS, 2019

15.02.2019 | Philosophical discourse   

Richard Gast (MEG and Cortical Networks Group) [Audio]: "The Free Energy Principle - A conceptual and mathematical introduction"

01.02.2019 | Research presentation

Maria Waltman (O'BRAIN LAB): "Probing Neurocognitive Flexibility in Binge Eating Disorder and Obesity Using a Reversal Learning Paradigm and Computational Modelling"

18.01.2019 | Research presentation

Mona Garvert (Psychology): "Models of the world for novel inference"

07.12.2018 | Research presentation

Kathleen Wiencke (O'BRAIN LAB): "Dopamine, Reinforcement Learning and Obesity"

22.11.2018 | Research presentation

Vincent Chien (MEG and Cortical Networks Group): "A generic deviance detection principle for cortical On/Off responses, omission response, and mismatch negativity"

Simon Hofmann (Neurology): "EEG decoding of subjective experience in a naturalistic VR experience"

08.11.2018 | Journal Club

Simon Hofmann & Romy Lorenz [ Slides]: Kriegeskorte & Douglas, "Cognitive computational neuroscience", Nature Neuroscience, 2018

19.10.2018 | Kickoff

CBS CoCoNUT was born!

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