MindBrainBody Lectures

The MindBrainBody Lectures take place on Mondays every 3-4 weeks virtually. The access link and details about the lectures will be given shortly before the date of the lecture. Everyone is invited to join virtually!

Upcoming MindBrainBody Lecture:

Prof. Stanislas Dehaene (Collège de France)

Monday, April 26, 2021 at 11:00am (GMT+1) Virtual

Previous MindBrainBody Lectures

Date Presenter Lecture Title
13 29.03.2021 Rochelle Ackerley How do you feel? The contribution of a single mechanoreceptive afferent to tactile sensation
12 08.03.2021 James Kilner The role of internal bodily signals in action and perception
11 08.02.2021 Sophie Betka The exploration of components of bodily self-consciousness, using mixed-reality
10 25.01.2021 Micah Allen Towards better interoceptive biomarkers in computational psychiatry
9 21.12.2020 Joachim Lange The rhythms of temporal perception
8 07.12.2020 Thomas Baumgarten Effects of intrinsic and extrinsic neural activity changes on stimulus processing and perception
7 30.11.2020 Timo Stein Measuring unconscious visual processing
6 19.10.2020 Elena Azanon Gracia Location specificity of tactile distance aftereffects
5 12.10.2020 Louise Kirsch What’s so special about touch? A multidimensional approach to study social touch
4 05.10.2020 Natalie Schaworonkow Methodological aspects of analyzing neuronal rhythms in electrophysiological recordings
3 28.09.2020 Niels Kloosterman How More Unconstrained Neural Dynamics Aid Adaptive Behaviour
2 07.09.2020 Saskia Haegens Oscillatory building blocks underlying perception & cognition.
1 24.08.2020 Luke E. Miller Tools extend the spatial coding of touch beyond the body
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