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The MindBrainBody Lectures take place on Mondays every 3-4 weeks virtually. The access link and details about the lectures will be given shortly before the date of the lecture. Everyone is invited to join virtually!

Upcoming MindBrainBody Lecture:


We would like to invite you to our next MindBrainBody Lecture.
Monday , 18.11.2021 at 11am
Meeting ID: 815 6464 7279   Passcode: 093283
Assistant Professor
Department of Neuroscience | Karolinska Institutet
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Guest Speaker:

Francesca Fardo, PhD
Associate Professor

Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience
& Danish Pain Research Center, Aarhus University
Aarhus, Denmark

Illusions in the thermo-nociceptive system
Alternating innocuous warm and cold stimuli on the skin can strangely provoke a hot and burning sensation. This misperception of heat and pain resembles cold allodynia – a common symptom in patients with polyneuropathy. In this talk, I will present novel protocols to investigate pain and heat illusions, based on the thermal grill illusion or TGI (i.e., spatial alternations of warm and cold stimuli) and the thermal sensory limen or TSL paradigm (i.e., temporal alternations of warming and cooling). The TGI has been largely investigated in healthy individuals, while the TSL is commonly used to assess paradoxical heat sensations (PHS) in patients with neuropathy. I will discuss how new TGI protocols can be used to investigate spinal integration of thermo-nociceptive afferent inputs and how new TSL protocols may redefine our functional interpretation of thermo-nociceptive illusions.






Monday, 26.07.2021 at 11am.


Dr. Lucie Charles

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London





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