Department of Neuropsychology

The Department’s research agenda is to identify the functional architecture of language and its neuroanatomical basis in the mature and the developing brain.


Our research topics in in various media formats

Sixth Annual Meeting of the Society for the Neurobiology of Language, Amsterdam, 27.-29.08.14
"Grounding language on neurobiology", talk by Angela D. Friederici more
Sprache – grenzenlos im neuronalen Netz
This article appeared in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. more
Our brain, basis of language processes: structure and function 3-D model
For more information see "The brain basis of language processing: From structure to function." Physiological Reviews, 91, 1357-1392. Short overview of the current model. interactive model. more
Free educational tools for cognitive neuroscience, Angela D. Friederici - Language and the Brain.

...see the interview compilations. more
Johannes Gutenberg Endowed Professorship
Lectures during the summer semester 2010 at the University of Mainz on the topic "Language and brain" more
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