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  1. 2011
    Journal Article
    Schroeter, M. L.; Vogt, B.; Frisch, S.; Becker, G.; Seese, A.; Barthel, H.; Mueller, K.; Villringer, A.; Sabri, O.: Dissociating behavioral disorders in early dementia - An FDG-PET study. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 194 (3), pp. 235 - 244 (2011)
  2. Journal Article
    Ehreke, L.; Luck, T.; Luppa, M.; König, H.-H.; Villringer, A.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: Clock Drawing Test - Screening utility for mild cognitive impairment according to different scoring systems: Results of the Leipzig Longitudinal Study of the Aged (LEILA 75+). International Psychogeriatrics 23 (10), pp. 1592 - 1601 (2011)
  3. Journal Article
    Sehm, B.; Frisch, S.; Thöne-Otto, A.; Horstmann, A.; Villringer, A.; Obrig, H.: Focal retrograde amnesia: Voxel-based morphometry findings in a case without MRI lesions. PLoS One 6 (10) (2011)
  4. Journal Article
    Kaminski, J. A.; Korb, F. M.; Villringer, A.; Ott, D. V. M.: Transcranial magnetic stimulation intensities in cognitive paradigms. PLoS One 6 (9) (2011)
  5. Journal Article
    Siebler, M.; Hennerici, M. G.; Schneider, D.; von Reutern , G. M.; Seitz, R. J.; Rother, J.; Witte, O. W.; Hamann, G.; Junghans, U.; Villringer, A. et al.; Fiebach, J.: Safety of tirofiban in acute ischemic stroke: The SaTIS trial. Stroke 42 (9), pp. 2388 - 2392 (2011)
  6. Journal Article
    Thoene-Reineke, C.; Rumschuessel, K.; Schmerbach, K.; Krikov, M.; Wengenmayer, C.; Godes, M.; Mueller, S.; Villringer, A.; Steckelings, U.; Namsolleck, P. et al.; Unger, T.: Prevention and intervention studies with Telmisartan, Ramipril and their combination in different rat stroke models. PLoS One 6 (8) (2011)
  7. Journal Article
    Taubert, M.; Lohmann, G.; Margulies, D. S.; Villringer, A.; Ragert, P.: Long-term effects of motor training on resting-state networks and underlying brain structure. NeuroImage 57 (4), pp. 1492 - 1498 (2011)
  8. Journal Article
    Böttger, J.; Margulies, D. S.; Horn, P.; Thomale, U. W.; Podlipsky, H.; Shapira-Lichter, I.; Chaudhry, S. J.; Szkudlarek, C.; Mueller, K.; Lohmann, G. et al.; Hendler, T.; Bohner, G.; Fiebach, J. B.; Villringer, A.; Vajkoczy, P.; Abbushi, A.: A software tool for interactive exploration of intrinsic functional connectivity opens new perspectives for brain surgery. ACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA 153 (8), pp. 1561 - 1572 (2011)
  9. Journal Article
    Luppa, M.; Sikorski, C.; Luck, T.; Weyerer, S.; Villringer, A.; Koenig, H.-H.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: Epidemiology of depression in old age: Results of the Leipzig longitudinal study of the aged (LEILA 75+). Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health 65 (Suppl. 1), p. A127 - A127 (2011)
  10. Journal Article
    Becker, R.; Reinacher, M.; Freyer, F.; Villringer, A.; Ritter, P.: How ongoing neuronal oscillations account for evoked fMRI variability. Journal of Neuroscience 31 (30), pp. 11016 - 11027 (2011)
  11. Journal Article
    Horstmann, A.; Busse, F. P.; Mathar, D.; Mueller, K.; Lepsien, J.; Schlögl, H.; Kabisch, S.; Kratzsch, J.; Neumann, J.; Stumvoll, M. et al.; Villringer, A.; Pleger, B.: Obesity-related differences between women and men in brain structure and goal-directed behavior. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 5 (2011)
  12. Journal Article
    Sewerin, S.; Taubert, M.; Vollmann, H.; Conde, V.; Villringer, A.; Ragert, P.: Enhancing the effect of repetitive I-wave paired-pulse TMS (iTMS) by adjusting for the individual I-wave periodicity. BMC Neuroscience 12 (2011)
  13. Journal Article
    Luck, T.; Luppa, M.; Angermeyer, M. C.; Villringer, A.; Koenig, H.-H.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: Impact of impairment in instrumental activities of daily living and mild cognitive impairment on time to incident dementia: Results of the Leipzig Longitudinal Study of the Aged. Psychological Medicine 41 (5), pp. 1087 - 1097 (2011)
  14. Journal Article
    Mueller, K.; Anwander, A.; Möller, H. E.; Horstmann, A.; Lepsien, J.; Busse, F. P.; Mohammadi, S.; Schroeter, M. L.; Stumvoll, M.; Villringer, A. et al.; Pleger, B.: Sex-dependent influences of obesity on cerebral white matter investigated by diffusion-tensor imaging. PLoS One 6 (4) (2011)
  15. Journal Article
    Kabisch, S.; Schlögl, H.; Villringer, A.; Stumvoll, M.: Neuroimaging-Verfahren in der Adipositasforschung [Neuroimaging in obesity research]. Journal für Klinische Endokrinologie und Stoffwechsel 4 (3) (2011)
  16. Journal Article
    Dukart, J.; Müller, K.; Horstmann, A.; Barthel, H.; Möller, H. E.; Villringer, A.; Sabri, O.; Schroeter, M. L.: Combined evaluation of FDG-PET and MRI improves detection and differentiation of dementia. PLoS One 6 (3) (2011)
  17. Journal Article
    Ehreke, L.; Luppa, M.; König, H.-H.; Villringer, A.; Riedel-Heller, S. G.: Does the clock drawing test predict dementia? Results of the Leipzig Longitudinal Study of the Aged (LEILA 75+). Dementia and Geriatric Cognitive Disorders 31 (2), pp. 89 - 97 (2011)
  18. Journal Article
    Wengenmayer, C.; Krikov, M.; Mueller, S.; Lucht, K.; Villringer, A.; Hocher, B.; Unger, T.; Thoene-Reineke, C.: Novel therapy approach in primary stroke prevention: Simultaneous inhibition of endothelin converting enzyme and neutral endopeptidase in spontaneously hypertensive, stroke-prone rats improves survival. Neurological Research 33 (2), pp. 201 - 207 (2011)
  19. Journal Article
    Ragert, P.; Nierhaus, T.; Cohen, L. G.; Villringer, A.: Interhemispheric interactions between the human primary somatosensory cortices. PLoS One 6 (2) (2011)
  20. Journal Article
    Schlögl, H.; Percik, R.; Horstmann, A.; Villringer, A.; Stumvoll, M.: Peptide hormones regulating appetite: Focus on neuroimaging studies in humans. Diabetes/Metabolism Research and Reviews 27 (2), pp. 104 - 112 (2011)
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