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Journal Article (4)

  1. 1999
    Journal Article
    Colier, W. N.; Quaresima, V.; Wenzel, R.; van der Sluijs, M. C.; Oeseburg, B.; Ferrari, M.; Villringer, A.: Cortical blood oxygenation changes in the left and right occipital area induced by selective visual stimuli in humans. Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology 471, pp. 35 - 41 (1999)
  2. Journal Article
    Heekeren, H. R.; Kohl, M.; Obrig, H.; Wenzel, R.; Pannwitz, W. V.; Matcher, S. J.; Dirnagl, U.; Cooper, C. E.; Villringer, A.: Noninvasive Assessment of Changes in Cytochrome-C-Oxidase Oxidation in Human Subjects during Visual Stimulation. Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 19, pp. 592 - 603 (1999)
  3. Journal Article
    Kunkel, A.; Kopp, B.; Mueller, G.; Villringer, K.; Villringer, A.; Taub, E.; Flor, H.: Constraint-induced movement therapy for motor recovery in chronic stroke patients. Archives of Physical and Medical Rehabilitation 80, pp. 624 - 628 (1999)
  4. Journal Article
    Villringer, A.; Dirnagl, U.: Pathophysiologie der zerebralen Ischämie. Zeitschrift für Ärztliche Fortbildung und Qualitätssicherung 93, pp. 164 - 168 (1999)

Book Chapter (1)

  1. 1999
    Book Chapter
    Brandt, S. A.; Takahashi, T.; Reppas, J. B.; Wenzel, R.; Villringer, A.; Dale, A. M.; Tootell, R. B. H.: Sensory and motor components of smooth pursuit eye movements in extrastriate cortex. In: Current Oculomotor Research: Physiological and Psychological Aspects, pp. 212 - 221 (Eds. Becker, W.; Deubel, H.; Mergner, T.). Plenum Press, New York (1999)

Meeting Abstract (9)

  1. 1999
    Meeting Abstract
    Brandt, S. A.; Niehaus, L.; Röricht, S.; Brocke, J.; Villringer, A.; Meyer, B. U.: Distant effects from transcranial electrical stimulation (TES) over motorcortex during functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). In NeuroImage, 9 (6, Part II), p. S463 - S463. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
  2. Meeting Abstract
    Dirnagl, U.; Villringer, A.: Cerebral blood flow and hemoglobin oxygenation changes in stroke: Fingerprinting with near infrared spectroscopy and MRI. In The Keio Journal of Medicine, 48 (Suppl. 2), S37, pp. A76 - A77. School of Medicine, Keio University., Tokyo (1999)
  3. Meeting Abstract
    Donner, T. H.; Kettermann, A.; Skiera, G.; Diesch, E.; Goebel, R.; Villringer, A.; Brandt, S. A.: FMRI-activity related to visual feature integration. In NeuroImage, 9 (6, Part II), p. S868 - S868. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
  4. Meeting Abstract
    Kurth, R.; Villringer, K.; Curio, G.; Krause, T.; Repenthin, J.; Schwiemann, J.; Deuchert, M.; Wolf, K. J.; Villringer, A.: Characterization of multiple representation areas of 5 digits in primary somatosensory cortex by fMRI. In NeuroImage, 9 (6, Part II), p. S512 - S512. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
  5. Meeting Abstract
    Neufang, M.; Obrig, H.; Wenzel, R.; Kohl, M.; Scholz, U.; Malak, J.; Villringer, A.: Spontaneous low frequency oscillations are attenuated by visual stimulation: A NIRS study. In NeuroImage, 9 (6, Part II), p. S311 - S311. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
  6. Meeting Abstract
    Skiera, G.; Brandt, S. A.; Villringer, A.; Fahle, M.: Figure-ground segregation by luminance and colour: An fMRI study. In NeuroImage, 11 (6, Part II), p. S869 - S869. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
  7. Meeting Abstract
    Steinbrink, J.; Syre, F.; Kohl, M.; Obrig, H.; Wenzel, R.; Villringer, A.: Fast optical signals: Are they detectable through the intact adult skull? In NeuroImage, 9 (6, Part II), p. S312 - S312. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
  8. Meeting Abstract
    Thomas, F.; Wenzel, R.; Steinbrink, J.; Obrig, H.; Kohl, M.; Scholz, U.; Villringer, A.: Nonlinear traits in the response of deoxyhemoglobin to short visual stimuli. In NeuroImage, 9 (6, Part II), p. S313 - S313. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
  9. Meeting Abstract
    Villringer, K.; Grüsser, S.; Kurth, R.; Schwiemann, J.; Krause, T.; Deuchert, M.; Curio, G.; Wolf, K. J.; Flor, H.; Villringer, A.: Cortical activations during phantom sensations in two amputees. In NeuroImage, 9 (6, Part II), p. S603 - S603. Academic Press, Orlando, FL (1999)
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