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  1. 2003
    Journal Article
    Kähkönen, S.; Ahveninen, J.; Jääskeläinen, I. P.; Pennanen, S.; Liesivuori, J.; Nikulin, V. V.: Acute tryptophan depletion does not change somatosensory evoked magnetic fields. Psychopharmacology 170 (3), pp. 332 - 333 (2003)
  2. Journal Article
    Doeller, C. F.; Opitz, B.; Mecklinger, A.; Krick, C.; Reith, W.; Schröger, E.: Prefrontal cortex involvement in preattentive auditory deviance detection: neuroimaging and electrophysiological evidence. NeuroImage 20 (2), pp. 1270 - 1282 (2003)
  3. Journal Article
    Kruggel, F.; Brückner, M. K.; Arendt, T.; Wiggins, C. J.; von Cramon, D. Y.: Analyzing the neocortical fine-structure. Medical Image Analysis 7 (3), pp. 251 - 264 (2003)
  4. Journal Article
    Nikulin, V. V.; Kičić, D.; Kähkönen, S.; Ilmoniemi, R. J.: Modulation of electroencephalographic responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation: Evidence for changes in cortical excitability related to movement. European Journal of Neuroscience 18 (5), pp. 1206 - 1212 (2003)
  5. Journal Article
    Reinert, T.; Morawski, M.; Arendt, T.; Butz, T.: Quantitative microanalysis of perineuronal nets in brain tissue. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 210, pp. 395 - 400 (2003)
  6. Journal Article
    Spemann, D.; Reinert, T.; Vogt, J.; Wassermann, J.; Butz, T.: Active compensation of stray magnetic fields at LIPSION. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 210, pp. 79 - 84 (2003)
  7. Journal Article
    Wartenburger, I.; Heekeren, H. R.; Burchert, F.; De Bleser, R.; Villringer, A.: Grammaticality judgments on sentences with and without movement of phrasal constituents – an event related fMRI study. Journal of Neurolinguistic 16 (4-5), pp. 301 - 314 (2003)
  8. Journal Article
    Weiskopf, N.; Veit, R.; Erb, M.; Mathiak, K.; Grodd, W.; Goebel, R.; Birbaumer, N.: Physiological self-regulation of regional brain activity using real-time functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI): Methodology and exemplary data. NeuroImage 19 (3), pp. 577 - 586 (2003)
  9. Journal Article
    Mechelli, A.; Henson, R. N. A.; Price, C. J.; Friston, K. J.: Comparing event-related and epoch analysis in blocked design fMRI. NeuroImage 18 (3), pp. 806 - 810 (2003)
  10. Journal Article
    Abdul-Khaliq, H.; Schubert, S.; Stoltenburg-Didinger, G.; Huebler, M.; Troitzsch, D.; Wehsack, A.; Boettcher, W.; Schwaller, B.; Crausaz, M.; Celio, M. et al.; Schroeter, M. L.; Blasig, I. E.; Hetzer, R.; Lange, P. E.: Release patterns of astrocytic and neuronal biochemical markers in serum during and after experimental settings of cardiac surgery. Restorative Neurology and Neuroscience 21 (3-4), pp. 141 - 150 (2003)
  11. Journal Article
    Alter, K.; Rank, E.; Kotz, S. A.; Toepel, U.; Besson, M.; Schirmer, A.; Friederici, A. D.: Affective encoding in the speech signal and in event-related brain potentials. Speech Communication 40 (1-2), pp. 61 - 70 (2003)
  12. Journal Article
    Avikanen, S.; Wohlschläger, A.; Liuhanen, S.; Hänninen, R.; Hari, R.: Impaired mirror-image imitation in Asperger and high-functioning autistic subjects. Current Biology 13, pp. 339 - 341 (2003)
  13. Journal Article
    Bangert, M.; Altenmüller, E.: Mapping Perception to Action in Piano Practice: a Longitudinal DC-EEG Study. BMC Neuroscience 4, p. 26 (2003)
  14. Journal Article
    Bangert, M.; Altenmüller, E.: Funktionelle und Dysfunktionelle Plastizität bei Musikern. Musikphysiologie und Musikermedizin 10, pp. 131 - 148 (2003)
  15. Journal Article
    Bangert, M.; Altenmüller, E.: Apollos Gabe und Fluch – funktionelle und dysfunktionelle Plastizität bei Musikern. Neuroforum 2, pp. 36 - 49 (2003)
  16. Journal Article
    Blankenburg, F.; Taskin, B.; Ruben, J.; Moosmann, M.; Ritter, P.; Curio, G.; Villringer, A.: Imperceptible stimuli and sensory processing impediment. Science 299 (5614), p. 1864 - 1864 (2003)
  17. Journal Article
    Blankenburg, F.; Ruben, J.; Meyer, R.; Schwiemann, J.; Villringer, A.: Evidence for a rostral-to caudal somatotopic organization in human primary somatosensory cortex with mirror-reversal in areas 3b and 1”. Cerebral Cortex 13, pp. 987 - 993 (2003)
  18. Journal Article
    Bodegard, A.; Geyer, S.; Herath, P.; Grefkes, C.; Zilles, K.; Roland, P. E.: Somatosensory areas engaged during discrimination of steady pressure, spring strength, and kinesthesia. Human Brain Mapping 20, pp. 103 - 115 (2003)
  19. Journal Article
    Bolte, A.; Goschke, T.; Kuhl, J.: Emotion and intuition: Effects of positive and negative mood on intuitive judgments of semantic coherence. Psychological Science 14, pp. 416 - 421 (2003)
  20. Journal Article
    Bornkessel, I.; Schlesewsky, M.; Friederici, A. D.: Contextual information modulates initial processes of syntactic integration: the role of inter- versus intrasentential predictions. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition 29 (5), pp. 871 - 882 (2003)
  21. Journal Article
    Bornkessel, I.; Schlesewsky, M.; Friederici, A. D.: "And yet it moves" or why grammar overrides frequency: A reply to Kempen and Harbusch. Cognition 90 (2), pp. 211 - 213 (2003)
  22. Journal Article
    Bornkessel, I.; Schlesewsky, M.; Friederici, A. D.: Eliciting thematic reanalysis effects: The role of syntax-independent information during parsing. Language and Cognitive Processes 18 (3), pp. 269 - 298 (2003)
  23. Journal Article
    Bosbach, S.; Kornblum, C.; Schröder, R.; Wagner, M.: Executive and visuospatial deficits in patients with chronic progressive external ophthalmoplegia and Kearns-Sayre syndrome. Brain 126(5), pp. 1231 - 1240 (2003)
  24. Journal Article
    Brass, M.; Derrfuss, J.; Matthes-von Cramon, G.; von Cramon, D. Y.: Imitative response tendencies in patients with frontal brain lesions. Neuropsychology 17, pp. 265 - 271 (2003)
  25. Journal Article
    Brass, M.; Ruge, H.; Meiran, N.; Rubin, O.; Koch, I.; Zysset, S.; Prinz, W.; von Cramon, D. Y.: When the same response has different meanings: Recoding the response meaning in the lateral prefrontal cortex. NeuroImage 20, pp. 1026 - 1031 (2003)
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