End-of-Year Symposium

End-of-Year Symposium


The Leipzig Lectures on Language will finish with a virtual two-day symposium on October 20 and 21, 2021.

This end-of-year symposium will aim to:

  1. Find consensus across the different views presented during the online series.
  2. Have two keynote speakers whose work is particularly relevant to the lecture series and hands-on sessions.
  3. Offer hands-on workshops on advanced methodologies relevant to the combinatorics of language.
  4. Come together in a poster session and a more informal gathering to exchange ideas on future research.

We hope that this will foster networking and collaborations, leading to new ideas on how to move the field forward.


Preliminary Timetable

This is still subject to change. We recommend subscribing to our newsletter to stay tuned.

Preliminary timetable for the end-of-year symposium.


Hands-on Sessions

The following four hands-on sessions will be held during the symposium. Participation for every workshop is limited to around 30 people. Notice also that two sessions will always be held in parallel, meaning that every participant can at most participate in one workshop every day of the event.

  • Workshop 1 (October 20): Jixing Li (New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE), workshop on grammatical predictors for fMRI studies.
  • Workshop 2 (October 20): Stephan Meylan (Massachusets Institute of Technology, USA), workshop on computational modelling in language development.
  • Workshop 3 (October 21): Cristiano Chesi and Paolo Canal (Scuola Superiore Studi Pavia IUSS, Italy), workshop on eye-tracking and computational parsing.
  • Workshop 4 (October 21): Simon W. Townsend and team (University of Zurich, Switzerland), workshop on language evolution and animal vocal communication.


Keynote Speakers

  • Keynote 1 (October 20): William Matchin, University of South Carolina, USA
  • Keynote 2 (October 21): Simona Mancini, Basque Center on Cognition, Brain, & Language, Spain


 Poster Session (Call for Abstracts)

We welcome abstract submissions for the virtual poster session to be held during the end-of-year symposium of the Leipzig Lectures on Language 2021 (October 20-21).

Topics: Possible contributions should focus on combinatorics in language, an umbrella term we use to include concepts such as compositionality, combination, composition, binding, Merge, and blending in different linguistic domains. We invite scholars from the cognitive sciences including linguistics, psychology, evolutionary anthropology, and related disciplines to contribute their original empirical and theoretical research.

Formatting guidelines: Abstracts are limited to 2500 characters including references (if any). This limit does not include  title, authors, and affiliations. It is not mandatory to include references. Each author can appear as first author on one poster only. The submission system does not allow figures in abstracts. Abstracts should include the following sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Conclusion or Summary. The sections do not need to be labeled. Deviations from this structure (e.g, when presenting theoretical work) are permissible. It is, however, important that each abstract contains sufficiently detailed information. There are no further specific formatting guidelines.

Work in Progress: We encourage submissions of both completed and ongoing studies, as well as projects in earlier stages. In case of the latter, it is recommended to include detailed information on the planned sample size, the experimental design, and the planned analysis. Discussion of pilot data is also welcome. In this case, submissions should highlight the preliminary nature of the data and how the results can be used to inform future studies.

Submission: Abstracts can be submitted free of charge as part of the registration for the event. Please see below.


  • Deadline for abstract submission: July 14, 2021 extended to July 31, 2021
  • Notifications sent: August 1, 2021
  • Deadline for poster submission: September 15, 2021



The two keynote lectures will be live streamed on YouTube. Participation in the different hands-on sessions and the poster session requires prior registration.

Interested reserachers of all levels can register here for free to participation in the symposium. Notice that reserachers who also submit an abstract for the virtual poster session together with their registration will be given priority.

The deadline for registration has been extended to July 31, 2021

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