Anne-Kathrin Brecht

Isabel Garcia-Garcia (Postdoc) now at McGill University

Ole Goltermann

Jana Grothe (Dr. med.)

Laura Hesse

Hannah Sophie Heinrichs

Sebastian Huhn (Dr rer medic) now at UFZ

Josefine Jentzsch (submitted thesis for Dr rer med)

Leonie Lampe (Postdoc) now at AICURA

Gesa Lewe

Shahrzad Kharabian (Dr rer medic) jetzt Jülich

Anne Stoye

Kevin Thomas (Dr. med.)

Charlotte Wiegank

Rui Zhang (Dr rer medic) now in Vienna

Dr. Marie Meemken now at iDiv Leipzig

Ronja Thieleking

Evelyn Medawar (PhD)

Emmy Töws (submitted thesis for Dr rer med)

Laurenz Lammer (submitted thesis for Dr rer med)

Anna Prunell now at University of Barcelona

Ayça Akan

Lina Eisenberg

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