Stimulating your self...

Parkinson’s disease is a movement disorder that is related to dysfunctions in dopaminergic circuits. Frequently, it leads to cognitive deficits. The project explores effects of dopaminergic agents (L-DOPA) or deep brain stimulation on the blood oxygenation level dependent (BOLD) signal in Parkinson’s disease during a simple finger-tapping paradigm and in task-free situation (in order to investigate low-frequency oscillations). Here, we are cooperating with Robert Jech from the Department of Neurology at the Charles University in Prague.

Related references:
R. Jech, D. Urgosik, J. Tintera, A. Nebuzelsky, J. Krasensky, R. Liscak, J. Roth, E. Ruzicka 
Functional magnetic resonance imaging during deep brain stimulation: A pilot study in four patients with Parkinson's disease.Movement Disorders 16(2001): 1126-1132.
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