Scientific symposium /Kick-off meeting on 12/13 October 2022

The symposium “Detecting Parkinson’s disease at early stage with MRI: recent advances and promising approaches” took place on 12 October 2022 virtually and on-site at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences (Leipzig) and was a great success thanks to the excellent speakers from across the world and the vivid discussions on the most recent advances in the field, across field strengths, resolutions and contrasts. Thank you again to all speakers and the participants, mostly MRI-physicists and clinicians working in the field of MRI, quantitative MRI, PD diagnostic and PD research.

After the inspiring scientific symposium we held the kick-off meeting on 13 October 2022 with all project partners and discussed the start of the studies and the project progress.

We are looking forward to the next annual project meeting – in 2023 in Liège.


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