Methodological basis of the research project

The Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences conducts worldclass research in the field of human neuroscience since more than 20 years.

Research at the institute has a focus on the neuronal basis of higher cognitive brain functions like language, music, emotions, social behaviour, and action. In our experiments we watch the brain at work.

Our department - Neuropsychology - studies the acquisition and processing of language in the brain. For example, our participants listen to sentences while lying in an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner and we take pictures of their brain.

Inside the magnetic field, the brain gets visible for the antenna of the scanner. This allows us to observe the brain structure and function without using harmful radiation and without penetrating the body. MRI research is performed worldwide in healthy participants since more than 20 years. These measurements do not cause any lasting risks and side effects.

Every day, we acquire brain images from participants of all ages - including small children - in several studies. In this research project on second language acquisition, we want to observe how the brain changes while learning a new language.

The video, in Arabic, explains what study participants can expect from an MRI scan.

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