Publikationen von Harald E. Möller

Zeitschriftenartikel (3)

Mildner, T.; Möller, H. E.; Driesel, W.; Norris, D. G.; Trampel, R.: Continuous arterial spin labeling at the human common carotid artery: The influence of transit times. NMR in Biomedicine 18 (1), S. 19 - 23 (2005)
Trampel, R.; Jochimsen, T. H.; Mildner, T.; Norris, D. G.; Möller, H. E.: Efficiency of flow-driven adiabatic spin inversion under realistic experimental conditions: A computer simulation. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 51 (6), S. 1187 - 1193 (2004)
Mildner, T.; Trampel, R.; Möller, H. E.; Schäfer, A.; Wiggins, C. J.; Norris, D. G.: Functional perfusion imaging using continuous arterial spin labeling with separate labeling and imaging coils at 3 T. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 49 (5), S. 791 - 795 (2003)
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