„Mind-Body-Emotion Gruppe” der Abteilung für Neurologie


The “Mind-Body-Emotion” Group of the Neurology Department investigates the interaction of the brain and the rest of the body during emotional processing – with a special focus on potential modulators of cardio- and cerebrovascular health. For the ongoing “Leipzig Cohort for Mind-Body-Emotion Interactions” (LEMON), healthy participants are psychometrically characterized with respect to cognitive capacities and emotional or stress reactivity. In task-free (i.e., resting-state) and task-based measurements, the central nervous system of participants is comprehensively assessed using functional and structural neuroimaging (DWI, f/MRI, EEG). At the same time, activity in the autonomic nervous system is recorded (electrocardiogram and pulse, respiration, blood pressure) and endocrine markers in blood and hair are analysed. LEMON thereby comprises a joint protocol on which individual projects on diverse aspects of emotional processing build in a modular fashion. Data openly shared and published here.


„Somatosensory" Gruppe der Abteilung für Neurologie



MindBrainBody Symposium


9th MindBrainBody Symposium 2022
March 16-18, 2022 | Hybrid
Registration open until January 10, 2022



Akademische Ausbildung

2001 - 2005
BA in Economics
Haigazian University, Beirut, Lebanon
2005 - 2007
MA in International Affairs
Lebanese American University, Beirut, Lebanon
2006 - 2007
Global Studies Master Program (Exchange Student)
Universität Leipzig
2009 - 2013
PhD in Global Studies
Universität Leipzig


2009 - 2012
Koordinatorin der Internationalen DoktorandenInitiative
Universität Leipzig
Koordinatorin der IMPRS NeurCom
MPI CBS Leipzig
seit 2012
Koordinatorin in der Abteilung für Neurologie
MPI CBS Leipzig
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