Workshop zum Thema "Magnetenzephalographie und Kognitive Neurowissenschaft"

Internationaler Experten-Workshop zu MEG-Forschung und -Methoden

20. Oktober 2008

5.-6. Dezember 2008

Magnetoencephalography and Cognitive Neuroscience: State of the Art and Perspectives

On 5 and 6 December 2008, the Max Planck Institute will host an international expert workshop on MEG research and methodology.

The workshop aims to discuss the current state of the art in MEG data analysis and experimental design. What are the most promising paths and strategies for future development, especially with respect to research on higher cognitive functions? On the other hand, what are possible blind spots – questions in the field of cognitive neuroscience which in principle cannot be answered by the MEG method? What is the general perspective of MEG research in the field of cognitive neuroscience?

Invited speakers include Olivier David (F), Joachim Gross (UK), Murray Grossman (USA), Sydney Cash (USA), James V. Haxby (USA), Richard Henson (UK), Ole Jensen (NL), and Friedemann Pulvermüller (UK). Sessions will be chaired by Angela D. Friederici, Thomas Jacobsen, Thomas R. Knösche, Burkhard Maess, and Arno Villringer.
Admission is free. Due to limited space, registration is required by 20 November.

Poster and programme of the workshop can be downloaded here; abstracts here.

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